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Meet ComForCare Franchise Owner Kevin Prior

A Health Care Veteran Saw the Need for In-Home Care Services in His Community; He Chose ComForCare Home Care Thanks to its Many Differentiators

When Kevin Prior began to consider a change in career, he knew he wanted to stay in the health care industry where his experience was. The Affordable Care Act had brought changes to the prosthetics and orthotics industry, where he was an executive, so he knew he’d need to venture further afield into a different area. When he began exploring the home care franchise market, he discovered ComForCare. Soon, he was a franchise owner serving his community in the Plymouth and western Wayne County area of Michigan.

When You Started Looking for Your Own Business, How Did You Come Across ComForCare?

I started to look for businesses to buy, and I remember seeing an ad that caught my eye in regards to owning an in-home care business. I didn’t know too much about the home care business, but it looked like a business that helped people, and that’s something I had done for 20 years. I had a conversation with ComForCare, which became several more conversations and meeting the former owner of my franchise territory — who was a great asset to me as I took over, guiding me along and helping me realize this was the right fit for me.

How Did the ComForCare Corporate Team Answer Your Questions and Address any Issues That Might Have Kept You From Moving Forward?

Any questions I brought to them were answered. None were too big, none were too small. They answered them all. Some of my fears were technology — would I know how to handle the systems, what was my learning curve to be on it? They reassured me through the whole process. I also wondered, what makes me the right fit? They made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.

What Were Conversations Like With Other Owners?

In your beginning stages, you’re nervous. I’m making a big leap; is it the right leap of faith? Do I know I can do this? Being a New Jersey native, I think the first person I called was a New Jersey franchise owner. I asked, ‘Alright, tell me. Tell me, what makes you successful? What are the things that you’re doing?’ I knew this is the right fit for me because the amount of caring that came across the phone was incredible.

All of the other owners gave me great insight into the business and always offered a guiding hand. They said, ‘Don’t ever be afraid to reach out and give me a call if you have any questions.’ It was very apparent that this was one team, one brand — and that was very important to me.

How Do You Self-Market and Self-Promote in the Community?

I’ve been in this for almost two years. I’m constantly evolving, and I’m learning when it comes to getting the word out about ComForCare and what we offer. I do a lot of work with local networking groups, such as the chamber of commerce. We have tremendous word-of-mouth business referrals, which speaks volumes. And, our caregivers are our biggest assets. Where we’re out in the community, and we’re taking care of somebody, and people see the good work we do. Recently, we were taking care of someone, and a neighbor said, ‘Hey, I’ve noticed this caregiver that’s been there for the past couple of years doing a great job. Could you help my dad out?’

Care Enhancement Programs, like Joyful Memories®, With Its Singalong Component, Are Specific to ComForCare. How Are Those Important in Terms of What You Bring to Clients?

It’s added value. We speak to our clients about these programs. At first, they look at us like, ‘How’s music going to solve anything?’ But again, when you have a client with dementia, the window may be a small, a glimmer of awareness. To me, it’s everything, and to families, when they see it, it’s everything. The music and Joyful Memories, the tools that ComForCare provides us to offer to our clients, make for tremendous added value.

What’s the Best Part of the Day?

When I’m able to go to our clients’ homes, sit down, chat with them and ask them, ‘Hey, how are we doing? What could we do better?’ It’s seeing the interaction with our caregivers and a client. I don’t think that there’s a better part of the day. You learn a tremendous amount from our clients.

Your Phone Rings, and It’s a Potential ComForCare Franchise Owner. What Do You Tell Them About ComForCare?

For me, it’s about independence. No one, nobody can tell me at the end of the day, ‘Here’s your last paycheck. Thanks for playing.’ It’s about where you want to be in your journey.Where do you want to go from here? With ComForCare, you can control your destiny, and the market is huge.

ComForCare Has Five Core Values. What’s Your Favorite?

It’s definitely Care Like Family. That resounds through our office. Everyone knows it’s all about the team. Sometimes, I’ll tease people and say, I believe, when we’re in someone’s home, that just shines through.

ComForCare is a successful, multifaceted business that offers peace of mind and improved quality of life for senior citizens and their families through support around life’s everyday tasks, and also through exciting and innovative programs such as DementiaWise® , a comprehensive care approach for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia that focuses on accentuating the positive by supporting and encouraging remaining skills and abilities; and Joyful Memories, an interactive, singalong program that uses the power of music to create connections and positive outlets for emotional expression. ComForCare’s other differentiators include in-home nurse assessments, customized care plan development and ongoing evaluation to anticipate and plan for changes, all based on the client’s interests, hobbies, skills and abilities that provide joy and purpose in their life.

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