Home Health Care vs In-Home Care:
Understanding the Difference

The terms “home health care” and “in-home care” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to distinct services, each with different scopes and focuses.

While home health care provides medical care at home, ComForCare’s in-home care focuses on non-medical assistance with daily living, enabling individuals to maintain their independence and safety at home. And it’s not just limited to elderly home care either; this service can be beneficial for people of all ages.

Understanding the nuances between both types of care is crucial to receiving the proper care that aligns with your specific health needs. Let’s delve into what makes these services different.

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ComForCare’s In-Home Care: Non-Medical Assistance for Everyday Living

ComForCare’s services provide non-medical assistance to individuals who want to maintain their independence or age in place at home. Our compassionate caregivers offer several personalized support services, enabling clients to thrive in their own homes. These include:

  • Personal care, e.g., bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Medication reminders and managing appointments
  • Meal preparation and light housekeeping
  • Transportation to appointments and errands

The key distinction between home health care and in-home care is the level of medical care that is provided. Our services are non-medical and focus on providing assistance with daily living. Home health care, in contrast, provides skilled medical care under the supervision of a healthcare provider. This level of care is often prescribed for individuals recovering from surgery, illness, or injury or for those managing chronic health conditions.

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Who Benefits from In-Home Care Services?

ComForCare’s services extend a helpful hand to those who seek to maintain their independence, safety, and overall well-being within the comfort of their home. Our team of caregivers is dedicated to providing individualized support that caters to the unique needs of each client, fostering a sense of autonomy and enhancing quality of life.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you may benefit from in-home care:

  • Have a desire to maintain independence and age in place
  • Require assistance with daily living activities, e.g., bathing, dressing, grooming
  • Assistance with recovering from surgery or illness
  • Help with managing a chronic health condition

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ComForCare’s In-Home Care for Every Stage of Life

Empower yourself or your loved one with the gift of independence and personalized care with ComForCare’s in-home care service. Let us be your trusted guide on the path to enhanced well-being and together we can transform your home into a haven of safety, comfort, and care. Schedule your complimentary in-home assessment and discover how our dedicated caregivers can seamlessly integrate into your life today.


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ComForCare’s In-Home Care Service FAQs

In-home care vs. home health care: what’s the difference?

In-home care provides non-medical assistance with everyday living tasks, like bathing, grooming, dressing, and even transportation. Home health care provides medical care under the supervision of a physician.

Who are ComForCare’s in-home care services for?

Our in-home care services are not just for elder care—they are for anyone who requires assistance with daily living and wants to live independently, whether you’re someone looking to age in place or are recovering from an illness or surgery.

What’s different about ComForCare’s in-home care compared to other providers?

ComForCare’s personalized approach, commitment to quality care, and compassionate caregivers set us apart. With our Caregiver Matching Program and flexible scheduling options, you can count on receiving the perfect level of care you need whenever you need it.

How do I get started with ComForCare’s in-home care services?

To learn more about our in-home care, contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment. Our team is eager to begin a conversation and craft a personalized care plan that meets your specific needs.

  • "Patricia has been great with my 93 year old mother!"
    She's creative and just seems to know what my mother needs and wants. She's a great aid to me knowing doctors visits, prescription pick-up and grocery runs are all taken care of - big load off my mind and schedule.
  • "The owners and nurse are fantastic!"
    Always willing to take calls from my Mom and explain things in a way she and I can understand. Also walked us through the insurance process. That was not easy and their expertise was greatly appreciated.
  • "ComForCare has given me peace of mind!"
    The fact that ComForCare was able to step in with certified dementia care specialists and begin caring for my father has been fantastic. The staff and caregivers are both sympathetic and empathetic and I feel it has helped my father during this difficult time. It has also given me peace of mind since I live a long distance from my father, and the communication from staff and caregivers is reassuring.
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