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Top 5 Trends for Senior Home Care Franchises in 2024

All across the labor market in 2024, employees in the corporate world are feeling burnt out. Some media outlets are even calling burnout the workplace epidemic of 2024. But while companies struggle to figure out the problem, aspiring entrepreneurs are already working on their own personal solutions: making plans to start their own businesses and finally pursue their true calling.

If your passion lies in helping others, being a positive force in our nation’s well-being, and growing a successful business, senior home care franchising should be on your radar. Let’s take a look at the trends shaping this industry in 2024 and what to look for in a franchisor that can help you take your dreams to the next level. 

5 Top Trends to Know in the Senior Care Industry for 2024

Continued Rise of At-Home Care

Seniors increasingly prefer to age in their own homes, which we’ve known for a long time. A 2023 U.S. News & World Report survey showed that 93% of respondents over 55 want to stay at home in the long term rather than move to a senior living community. 

As the number of older adults continues to rise, that number is rising, too. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, leading to increased demand for home care services. 

At the same time, healthcare systems are looking to reduce strain. As such, many systems are shifting toward prevention and early intervention to keep people healthier and reduce the need for complex, expensive treatments later. 

Home care services can play a crucial role in monitoring chronic conditions, providing medication management, and educating patients about self-care—all of which help avoid hospital admissions and complications.

An older woman in a wheelchair is surrounded by both her family and her caregiver

Importance of Feedback & Personalization

As healthcare providers are emphasizing prevention and well-being, the importance of two-way communication and feedback from families and clients is increasing. More families are looking for home care services that can help create customized care plans that meet individual needs and preferences.

Senior care franchisees should know that the more investments they can make in breaking out of a one-size-fits-all approach, the better. That’s one of the reasons it is becoming harder for independent agencies to thrive—they don’t have the resources to make those kinds of investments in each client.

At ComForCare, franchisees have the support they need to offer truly personalized services to the people they serve. From our unique caregiver matching program to our flexible scheduling arrangements, our franchisees can fill any gaps—large or small—in client safety, companionship, and personal care.

Focus on Technology Integration

Smart home devices, wearable health trackers, telehealth services, and AI are becoming more prevalent in senior care. This technology allows for proactive health monitoring, management, and improved quality of life for seniors. That means more older adults will be able to safely live at home, taking advantage of home care services that are savvy enough to embrace them.

If you are researching senior home care franchise opportunities, you’ll want to make sure the company you partner with is at the forefront of this trend. At ComForCare, we’ve already invested in advanced remote patient monitoring services to fill this gap. And we’re always looking ahead to ensure we’re capable of meeting seniors where they are.

A caregiver carries groceries and accompanies a senior client through the park

Creative Ways to Alleviate Workforce Challenges

Recruiting and retaining qualified caregivers has been a challenge in the industry for almost a decade. Staffing shortages are now one of the top concerns of aspiring senior care business owners. However, you shouldn’t let this fear overcome your passion for helping others—instead, look at the companies that are thriving in this climate and learn from their creative solutions.

It all begins with treating caregivers well and providing incentives for the best and brightest to join your ranks. At ComForCare, we understand how crucial it is for our franchisees to feel supported and set up for success—and we extend that focus to our caregivers, as well.

How to Recruit & Retain Caregivers

We help franchisees create an environment that alleviates the stress of recruiting and retaining caregivers in a few ways:

  • Training, upskilling, & ongoing education, including DementiaWise® certification
  • Caregiver matching services to foster real relationships with clients
  • Comprehensive 10-step hiring process that engages caregivers
  • Awards & recognition
  • Strong & well-established company culture

Increased Interest in Companion Care Services

Not all seniors require medical care to thrive at home. In fact, when it comes to supporting quality of life, older adults increasingly value companionship and social interaction. Even if a person doesn’t need around-the-clock care, they can still benefit greatly from having a caregiver in their lives. 

Non-medical home care agencies are seeing a rise in demand for companionship services that provide emotional support, social engagement, and meaningful connections for seniors. This type of arrangement can help combat loneliness and isolation, improving overall well-being beyond what medical attention alone can do.

This is especially true for older adults with dementia, whose outcomes are improved greatly when they have someone there to engage in meaningful moments, safely explore joyful memories, and help reduce challenging behaviors. 

On-Trend Means On the Path to Success in Senior Care

These trends highlight the increasing focus on personalization, technology, and value-based outcomes in the senior home care industry. Senior care business owners who can adapt to these changing dynamics will be well-positioned to thrive in the years ahead. To get your head start with a company that understands the ever-evolving needs of older adults, request your FREE franchise information report from ComForCare today!

ComForCare: The Best Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity for 2024 & Beyond

ComForCare has been anticipating the needs of seniors and their families for almost 30 years and counting. In that time, our franchisees have seen enormous success in building their business and achieving their dreams of helping others. If you’re ready to take your first step toward success in the fast-growing senior care industry, let’s start a conversation today!