Remote Patient Monitoring:

Connected Care: Freedom & Flexibility in Care

ComForCare’s remote patient monitoring program enables people with diverse care needs to live at home. With various telehealth options available, our support offers continuous engagement, satisfaction, and empowerment through education and connectivity in times of need. Services vary by location.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Services by ComForCare:
Connected Care is Preventive Care

Connected Care, our remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, enables older adults to live at home safely with proactive, ongoing support. A variety of telehealth tools help support your loved one’s needs even when caregivers are not physically in the home. The early detection of deteriorating conditions is key for older adults to maintain independence and well-being at home. Connected Care’s RPM technology can detect concerns and is key for our agency teams to be better partners in care. With this next-generation senior care service, your loved one can experience 24/7 care that empowers them to live at home longer.

*Services vary by location. Please contact your local ComForCare to see what services are available in your area.

Remote Patient Monitoring | ComForCare | USA
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Fall Detection

Providing safety and stability in the home is our #1 priority. Fall risk is a big safety concern for most older adults, especially when they live alone. Reducing falls or responding quickly can lead to improved outcomes.

Connected Care, ComForCare’s unique 4D-radar-enabled fall detection devices can detect falls without the need for intrusive cameras or wearables. These cutting-edge devices are sensors, which are placed strategically throughout the home. They will quickly detect when a person falls and send an automatic alert. Connected Care’s “always on” technology can protect your loved one from the life-changing consequences of an unreported fall.

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Remote Patient Monitoring | ComForCare | USA
 - well-mont

Wellness Monitoring

Aging in place at home is possible when we can observe the associated changes that come with aging. Taking a proactive approach to monitoring overall wellness is key to detecting weakness or illness early on. Managing safety, independence, and stability at home is made possible with Connected Care’s wellness motion sensors which protect older adults. They even make sure doors are locked at night.

These non-intrusive sensors placed throughout the home learn normal day-to-day activities, logging real-time activity and daily living patterns 24/7. The system alerts family members and caregivers to provide a wellness check if a person strays from their baseline. Our care teams also review clinical wellness data regularly to identify any changes in care needs, taking a proactive approach to overall wellness and averting health declines.

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Remote Patient Monitoring | ComForCare | USA
 - vit-calls

Daily Virtual Calls

Daily, face-to-face telehealth chats allow your loved one’s remote care coordinator to check in and provide comfort. Care professionals will build relationships with your loved one, tracking any medical conditions and general wellness. If any medications, meals, personal care items, or household items are needed, they can coordinate those needs. And they’ll simply be a way to connect as a companion care service, combatting loneliness with meaningful interactions.

This additional layer of safety is in place to facilitate early intervention and identify that something has changed so we can address it immediately. This is key in helping older adults achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

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Remote Patient Monitoring | ComForCare | USA
 - chronic-management

Chronic Disease Management

According to the NIH, 60% of older adults have at least two chronic conditions. When not proactively managed, or not applying the right tools, this can lead to hospitalizations and impact quality of life. Older adults with chronic diseases and their families may think that an assisted living facility is their only option. With Connected Care, telehealth devices, and routine support calls between physician appointments, managing chronic conditions at home is possible!

Telehealth devices such as Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, tablets, and more are used to record and track vital signs, ensuring medical conditions aren’t progressing.

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Remote Patient Monitoring | ComForCare | USA
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Bringing technology to daily use is the key to keeping your loved one in their home for as long as possible. Connected Care not only provides a cost-effective care approach, but it also helps improve the home environment so we can focus on your loved one's well-being and optimize your time together.

Connected Care Benefits

Connected Care helps ensure that changing needs are not left unattended and can help address declines in overall health and well-being, allowing us to take a team approach and quickly address any monitoring alerts. We then determine if additional follow-up is needed or simply continue to monitor and ensure security/safety in the home. The benefit of this approach is that individuals can age in place in a familiar setting with continuous support. It addresses the dynamic needs of older adults while swiftly adapting to changes.

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