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Top Benefits of Franchising with an Established Home Care Brand

There are many forces shaping today’s senior care industry, fueling strong growth in the home care sector specifically. As Baby Boomers have aged, the senior population of America has grown at about twice the rate it did in the previous decade. Not only are there more senior citizens today than ever before, but more of these citizens want to age in place at home, with technological advancements making it safer for them to do so.

These trends have led many aspiring entrepreneurs to look into how to start a home care business of their own. After all, demand is high, and so are the rewards, both personally and financially. But earning those rewards requires building up a great deal of trust in your community, a process that can make or break a fledgling business.

So, how do you establish your presence in a community, earning the respect and reputation you need to succeed? 

5 Major Brand Benefits of Joining a Home Care Franchise 

Franchising is your invitation to a firm foundation of success in the home care industry. Don’t overlook the value of joining a company with high praise already in play instead of building from the ground up on your own. Let’s take a look at how franchisees can leverage brand identity to boost business success from Day 1.

Built-In Credibility 

In the senior care space, you’ll most often be speaking to the children or relatives of seniors who are seeking care for their loved ones. These clients often feel conflicting emotions about their decision to seek care. Therefore, they want to make sure that whichever company they work with will provide the best possible care, companionship, and commitment to safety.

ComForCare has a decades-long track record of providing clients with peace of mind about their loved one’s care. It can take years to build that kind of trust from scratch. As a franchisee, you’ll know that your business is backed by an established reputation for excellence, and you can pass that confidence on to the people who seek your help.

With ComForCare, you have both a positive name to precede you and help to boost your own local reputation. We provide franchisees with guidance and proven strategies for collecting local reviews, ensuring potential new clients in your community will see the good that you do.

A home caregiver rests her hands on a senior client’s shoulders as they both smile

Support for Marketing & Advertising

As a home care business owner, trust isn’t the only component to generating business. You also have to build a strong community presence and branding that makes a real impression. Juggling these efforts with the daily growing pains of a new business can be tricky without the support that a franchise brings.

As a ComForCare franchisee, you’ll receive extensive training and resources from the home office to boost your marketing efforts, including:

  • Access to sales and marketing resources
  • Social media support from the home office
  • Branded marketing content to build a foundation upon
  • Processes for capturing positive client reviews
  • Additional guidance for both traditional and digital marketing strategies

Learn more about the ways that ComForCare’s marketing and branding support sets franchisees up for long-term success!

Access to Robust Referral Resources

One of your most important lifelines as a home care business owner is building healthy referral relationships. Word-of-mouth from previous happy clients is one piece of the puzzle. Active relationship-building with local hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and other healthcare professionals is another.

Aligning yourself with a praiseworthy brand like ComForCare makes fostering these connections easier in almost every regard. You can bring great value to their patients—after all, studies show that home care services can improve health outcomes and reduce hospital stays. And just like with your clients, the brand’s established identity and reputation will provide partners with peace of mind about referring their patients to you.

ComForCare can also train you on best practices for referral development. With the most in-depth training process in the home care industry, we’re here to help our franchisees make the most of their business’s potential.

A home care franchisee speaks to a smiling doctor
Unparalleled Assistance with Training & Licensing

To launch an independent home care business, you’d need to perform extensive market research not only into your location but also into state and regional credentialing. Finding the time and resources to prepare and account for everything in the busy first days of building a client base is incredibly important—and demanding. This may be in part why roughly 20% of small businesses don’t make it past their first year.

At ComForCare, we’ve already done deep research into each territory’s viability and licensing requirements. You’ll be able to start your business on more solid footing thanks to the groundwork we’ve laid out. Having a successful, established brand on your side makes the entire start-up process less treacherous—from finding the ideal location to setting up all your office’s local needs.

Be Part of Ongoing Achievement & Innovation

Being a successful entrepreneur demands adaptability. Responding to new roadblocks and acting proactively rather than reactively can be the difference between longevity and failure. But doing this on your own can be hard—creativity is often the first thing to dry up when you’re in survival mode.

At ComForCare, we strive always to be industry leaders, never resting on the laurels of our successes. This is a spirit our franchisees share, and together, we are continuously working to adapt to industry challenges, innovate in the senior care space, and share winning strategies for continued performance.

Imagine what you can accomplish as part of a franchise that is consistently recognized with industry awards from establishments like Great Place to Work, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Home Care Pulse, and more. With a focus on new program offerings for franchisees, like the Connected Care Remote Patient Monitoring program, and insightful resources for leaders in aging like the ComForConnections podcast, we’re truly a company built on being game changers. 

In this way and many others, you’re never out on your own at ComForCare. While you’re focusing on getting started and growing, our top minds are watching market trends, gathering insights, and developing solutions. And you can be part of this future, too, if you choose—we always welcome franchisee input through conferences, message boards, and other networking events. 

Choose Wisely: Choose ComForCare

In many respects, your success as a home care agency owner begins and ends with your reputation. For entrepreneurs who are ready to build a healthy business that makes a difference in the lives of others, franchising is more than a smart investment. It’s your entry point into the career path of your dreams—a rewarding future in every respect.

Of course, once you’ve chosen to franchise, you also have to choose the right company to align yourself with. At ComForCare, we strongly believe in our ability to support success, and we have over 20 years to back us up. To learn more about what sets ComForCare apart in the home care landscape, request your free Franchise Information Kit today!

ComForCare: The Nation’s Leading Home Care Franchise

If you have a passion for helping people and are ready to be your own boss, ComForCare may just be the best franchise opportunity for you. As an award-winning senior care franchise, we’re seeking driven individuals to make a meaningful difference in various high-potential territories. Get in touch with us today to start your journey!