By Jake Baker, MM, BSN, RN, clinical informatics specialist 

Exercise can help you control your weight, decrease the risk of numerous diseases and improve your overall mood. If you want to start a new exercise routine but have reservations because you’ve suffered from a heart attack or have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease, there is good news. A new study by the Canadian Journal of Cardiology shows that the benefits of routine exercise can help with heart health at any age. 

In the study, the researchers aimed to compare the effects of an exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation program on physical and psychological parameters in young, old and very old patients. To do this, they split 733 patients into three separate groups: young (younger than 65 years old), old (65 - 80 years old) and very old (older than 80 years old). The participants were then evaluated before and after exercise for physical and psychological variables. Physical variables included the workload of the heart and psychological variables included anxiety and depression.

After the exercise was completed, the researchers found significant improvements in both physical and psychological variables for all patient groups. Furthermore, they found patients with the most physical impairment actually had the greatest benefit, regardless of age. 

This study shows that exercise can help people of all ages living with cardiovascular disease to feel better physically and mentally. Of course, before starting any exercise routine seek guidance from your primary care provider to find a routine that is safe for you. 

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