How to Choose a Home Care
Provider and Services

Choosing Home Care Providers and Services

How to Choose a Home Care Provider & Service | ComForCare - image-callout-how-to-chooseIf you’re new to the search for help with an aging or disabled family member, you’re probably coming across many industry terms which don’t always make sense. For the most part, the services you’re looking for will fall into one of two categories: medical care and non-medical care. ComForCare Home Care primarily offers non-medical care, planned and supervised by a licensed nurse, although some ComForCare locations do offer private-duty nursing. When choosing home care providers and services, it is important to find out about the following items to make sure the selected service is right for your loved one.

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Home Care Service Qualifications

Not all home care services are created equal. 

How to Choose a Home Care Provider & Service | ComForCare - imaghe-resources-qualifiedSome home care services do not screen caregivers, caregivers simply act as private contractors who are in no way backed by the home care service. This can be dangerous for your loved one. At ComForCare and most reputable home care agencies, caregivers are rigorously screened and trained before ever interacting with clients. ComForCare caregivers are also bonded and insured.

Home Care Services Provided

Most non-medical home care services provide the same general services, including help with housekeeping, grooming and transportation.

How to Choose a Home Care Provider & Service | ComForCare - image-callout-signs-symptomsHowever, some providers may include extra services, such as care with a specific dementia focus or transportation to local events for socialization and companionship.

When asked, home care service providers will typically provide a list of the services provided. ComForCare will work closely with clients and their family members to determine which services are desired and to craft a home care schedule and routine that fits the needs of the client.

Quality of Care

How to Choose a Home Care Provider & Service | ComForCare - image-resources-careThe quality of care that a home care service provides may be gleaned from the type of references that are given, but will only be truly understood after home care service has begun. The best home care services will make it a point to check in with clients frequently regarding the quality of care and the satisfaction with services.

Home care service providers should also be able to make changes quickly to increase client satisfaction. ComForCare staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make changes, answer questions, and help clients with all needs.
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