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What to Look for When Visiting Older Adults During the Holidays

For many families, the holidays are the only time they have to spend together, and COVID-19 has made that more challenging. Phone calls and emails are great ways to connect with loved ones from afar, but the distance can make it hard to notice changes in a person’s appearance or surroundings that could indicate they need help.
During socially-distanced, masked visits or on video chat, families should pay attention to:

The Condition of the Home

  • Is it messier or more cluttered than usual?
  • Is there spoiled food in the refrigerator or cupboards?
  • Are bills not being paid on time?
  • Are household goods being put away in the wrong places?

The Person’s Condition

  • Do they have unexplained weight loss?
  • Are they wearing clothes that are dirty or inappropriate for the weather?
  • Are they having trouble with toileting or basic hygiene such as showering or brushing their teeth?
  • Have they fallen recently?
  • Do they appear to be off-balance?
  • Are they having difficulty sleeping?

The Person’s Behaviors

  • Are they missing scheduled medical visits or telehealth appointments?
  • Are they forgetting to refill prescriptions or take medications as prescribed?
  • Do they seem confused when you talk to them about topics they’d normally understand?
  • Are they exhibiting any personality changes or mood swings?
These sorts of deficits could be a sign that they need extra help. At ComForCare Home Care, we understand the challenges that can arise with aging. Home care can help older adults continue to live independently in their own home and do all the things they love. Contact us today to learn more about how we help people live their best lives possible.
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