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The Importance of Caregiver Vacations

Being a caregiver for a family member isn’t a nine-to-five job. It’s an all-encompassing, emotionally and physically draining lifestyle that has you on shift 24/7. Caring for another person is demanding, and many caregivers burn out without realizing it. It’s easy to forget about your own needs when caring for the needs of someone else. 


While it is extremely important to be there for your parent or patient, it is just as important to be there for yourself. Caregivers can only give good care to another if they’ve taken care of themselves too. 


Taking breaks helps caregivers reset mentally and emotionally. It may seem hard to leave, but vacations are important for caregivers. 

What is a Caregiver Vacation?

It sounds impossible to take a vacation, but it isn’t. Taking a vacation isn’t just 10-day trips to the Bahamas or Alaskan cruises. A vacation can be as simple as a night or two in a hotel with a hot tub, or a hiking trip, or a movie marathon. It can even be an hour or two in between activities. Vacations can be small or large; the point is, it’s an intentional rest where you don’t have to think or worry about taking care of anyone but yourself. 

Tips For Shorter Vacations

For caregivers who are paid for their caregiving, it’s as easy as asking a coworker to cover a shift or asking for a few days off. But for caregivers who are taking care of their family, it's much more difficult. If you aren’t able to get away from caregiving altogether, you can ask your day job to give you a few days off so that you can schedule time for yourself in between caring for your loved ones. 

Tips For Longer Vacations

Again, the most important thing is that you use the time to focus on caring for yourself and no one else. 


If you would like to take a longer vacation, all it takes is a little more planning. Give your patients early notice and plenty of reminders so they aren’t surprised. You do NOT have to justify needing a break or justify your decision if that is an issue. 


Since you won’t be around, you can hire a certified caregiver for a few days. When selecting a caregiver, make sure that your patient is a part of the process, as they are the ones that will be interacting with them when you are on vacation. 


As a caregiver, it may seem impossible to take any time away from caring for your patient, but not getting the care that you deserve can be dangerous both for you and for your patient. You deserve to have a break just as much as anyone else and you do not have to feel guilty about it. All you have to do is make sure that your patient is well taken care of while you are focusing on caring for yourself.


You have the right to rest. 


Enjoy your vacation while knowing your patient or family member is being taken care of. ComForCare connects older adults with in-home care services including dementia care, personal care, private-duty nursing, disability management, and more. Find trustworthy in-home care by contacting ComforCare today!

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