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Home Care: A Profession for the Kind Hearted

In-Home Care Blogs for ComForCare Senior care services in NJ - ThumbnailHome-Care-A-Profession-for-the-Kind-Hearted_ThumbnailThe home-care industry attracts people from all walks of life. Many people are attracted to this profession because of the self-gratifying nature of this job. Read More.

Improving Brain Health with Aging Loved Ones

In-Home Care Blogs for ComForCare Senior care services in NJ - Improving-Brain-Health-with-Aging-Loved-OnesForgetfulness can be challenging, especially for the elderly. An estimation stated close to 6 million Americans would have Alzheimer’s in 2021; with the number of people with Alzheimer’s at 65 only doubling every 5 years. Read More.

What is In-Home Care?

a young woman and her mother in a wheelchair hugging and smiling.Home care is a widely known term in the healthcare sector, especially with the rising demands for home care in the next several years. It is caregiving provided to seniors and special needs individuals at the comfort of their very homes. Read More.

Fall Prevention for the Elderly: Some Do's and Don'ts

A smiling older gentleman happy to to prevent falls.Nobody looks forward to a severe injury from an unpleasant fall. The more you age, the more pressing this issue gets. In addition, this risk can create a fear of falling that can prevent a person from being active. Read more.

Caregiving With Compassion - ComForCare's Vision

an older woman and her compassionate caregiver looking at something an smiling.Prakash Mamtaney is a new Owner of the ComForCare, New Jersey franchise, and Isabel Strelzik, the talented Marketing and Recruitment head at ComForCare - which has a well-reputed name in the home care services industry.

In the interview below, they both talk about what inspired them to lean into a career in home care, from motivations to aspirations for the Healthcare industry, the global healthcare market trends, and how their personal experiences led them to ComForCare. Read More.

9 Ways to Protect Seniors During the Winter Time

In-Home Care Blogs for ComForCare Senior care services in NJ - Thumbnai_01lSeniors are most prone to the challenges of winter. The drop in temperature causes the elderly to be at risk as they are prone to injuries and illness. The most common of all is Hypothermia.
Read More.

In-Home Care Blogs for ComForCare Senior care services in NJ - Thumbnai_02lForgetfulness can be quite stressful for most people, especially among older adults. In fact, it’s been estimated that close to 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s in 2021 alone. Moreover, the number of people with Alzheimer’s after the age of 65 doubles every 5 years. Read More.


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