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Fall Activities with Clients

ComForCare/At Your Side recommends that every caregiver performs meaningful activities with their clients. At least one meaningful activity per shift can have a powerful impact on your client. Meaningful activities are anything that engages your clients and stimulates them. It can be something as simple as listening to stories about your client in their college days or even doing a craft or activity with them. Below are six ideas for fall activities. Depending on your client’s condition some activities may not be appropriate or may need to be modified for them to enjoy. 


  1. Enjoy the fall weather. This could be going for a walk in the crisp fall air, taking a scenic drive, or even just opening the windows to let some fresh air in. 

  2. Watch a movie. Consider watching a classic that is from your client’s youth that they may fondly remember watching. Adding some cozy blankets and hot chocolate would add to the fun!

  3. Fall crafts. This could be something as simple as a fall themed coloring page (By the way, did you know coloring has been said to have similar benefits as meditation? It can be very calming. ).

  4. Tailgate parties! If your client enjoys football, create a tailgate party to watch their favorite team or Alma mater! A bowl of popcorn around the TV is all you need!

  5. Bake a pie. Fall is the perfect time to bake a pie. Your client may even have a family recipe they want to use!

  6. Fall themed jigsaw puzzles. This is a great way to celebrate the season and it’s an activity that could fall over into several days of fun for the client!


Talk to your office about what supplies they may have available for you to use for meaningful activities with clients. The client’s family may also be willing to provide any supplies you need for a special activity with their loved one. Happy Fall!

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