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Fall Prevention in Clients

Fall Prevention in Clients


Important Things to Know:

*Falls are not a normal part of aging. 

*Poor lower extremity strength is a major factor in falls in older adults. 

*Encourage any activities that support getting up and moving as directed in your client’s care plan. 


6 Fall Risk Management Tips: 

  1. Provide safe standby assistance. 

  2. If you have to leave the room , ask the client to stay in a chair. 

  3. If a client presents weakness on one side, encourage them to use their strong side to do activities. 

  4.  Upon walking, encourage your client to sit and rest for 15-30 seconds before standing. 

  5.  Prior to sitting, encourage your client to check the chair’s position, back their feet up until they can feel the chair and then, sit down. 

  6. A fear of falling can make someone limit their activity. Encourage activity, which can instill confidence. 

5 Indicators That a Client Might Fall: 

  1. Changes in how they walk. 

  2. Unexpected loss of balance. 

  3. Decreased physical activity. 

  4. Difficulty doing a previously easy activity. 

  5. Increased confusion. 

*Activity: Doing More, Feeling Better

*Exercise is essential to good health and wellness. 

*As directed in your client’s care plan, regularly encourage your client to: 

  • Do the activities they do every day as defined in their care plan. 

  • Stand and walk to the kitchen to sit for a meal rather than bringing a meal to them. 

  • Walk each day, and track progress for them.

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