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"Our family had a great experience with this company as our backup care when my son’s daycare closed due to COVID. Our caretaker was America and she was wonderful! My son warmed up quickly to America and America followed our instructions to a tee. She was a joy to have in our home as well." - Rachel N.

"Really excellent response, service and genuine care for our family's wellbeing.  I also want to underscore how competent both their staff and management are.  We are happy to continue to request care from this provider." - Samer N.

"I highly recommend this agency. The leadership of the owner, Deepa, is outstanding. She is caring, responsive, flexible and knowledgeable. She has high expectations for her staff and they are trained in the needs of Dementia patients which was important to our family. Our caregiver was patient and compassionate and a perfect fit for the needs of my mother.  I never would have made it through this time with my mother without Deepa guidance and love. Thank you so much Deepa!" - A

"Deepa and her team are great care providers.  They go above and beyond while also being patient during difficult situations and timing issues.  I highly recommend ComForCare Home Care." - Jim R.

"The owner, Deepa, is knowledgeable and compassionate. She was responsive in her communications, listened to our needs as family and was honest in how her business could satisfy those needs." - S. Legall

"I appreciate the initial interview that was conducted by Deepa. She took the time to speak with me regarding my mother's situation and condition. She was able to meet our needs by providing a bilingual caretaker who has been phenomenal so far!" - T. Brown

"Friendly people to work with and flexible hours" - N. Ghafari

"Great communication. Great management team" - R. Boito

"I really love working for this company because they really care about their clients and their employees, no matter what." - X. Guzman

"What I like about working for ComForCare Home Care as a Caregiver is that all employees are seen and treated as family members. As an employee my concerns and opinions really matter and are valued. Management and or supervisor at ComForCare are not figurative symbols that you don't see or often spoken to, but rather Management at ComForCare Home Care does frequently have one on one interaction meetings with me and very frequent phone calls as well just to reach out and checking in to hear what's new going with me and work status, also any new updates on any changes happening at work or with clients in my care. For me basically hearing from management tells me I am not seen as dollars and cents but an actual person and a significant part of a team at and within ComForCare." - I. Benjamin

"I used ComForCare so an attendant could come to the house to care for my elderly mother while we were away on a vacation. The attendants were more than just attendants, they quickly became companions and provided exceptional care for my mom. Even my mom who typically keeps to herself said she really enjoyed Diana and looked forward to her coming to the house each day. Deepa, the owner, called and did a pre-arrival sync with me to thoroughly understand everything about my mom's situation, her abilities, areas she would need help with, her interests, etc. I felt comfortable having her team care for my mom. And when I got home from our vacation, I received rave reviews from my mother on how well she was cared for by the ComForCare team." - Ashley H.

"Great customer service, communication, and high-quality service. Deepa (the owner) is very easy to communicate with and extremely helpful!" - Alaa S.

"Owner Deepa Ramani cares deeply about finding the best caregiver for her clients. She is making sure all her caregivers have PPE and are serving only one client during covid to keep everyone as safe as possible. She has been accommodating and easy to work with." - Sara R.

"With ComForCare you don't EVER have to worry. And I stand behind it. The service, communication, and thoughtful care providers were exceptional. I experienced two providers who repeatedly went above and beyond to care for my child with great scheduling flexibility. The owner is also a standout professional. Again, with ComForCare you don't have to worry. They have it ALL covered." - Dr. O

"Absolutely the best choice! I am a busy working mom of 2 and we needed back up care. Deepa listened to our needs as a a family and hand picked the best person for the job." - Tricia C.



Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (571) 492-4600 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Loudoun County, VA).

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