ComForCare Home Care (Baltimore County, MD)

"I would like to commend and thanks ComForCare and there amazing team for the In home care they provided for my Father. They made tough decision easy as they walked me through the process prior to starting with the care. The staff was friendly, dependable, courteous and extremely trustworthy. They really cared about my Father, his well being and his home. His meals were exceptional, his medications were administered on time, he was dressed properly, his laundry was done weekly and his home looked as if he had a weekly housekeeping service come in. They were also on top of any issues that arouse and would immediately notify me by phone when anything had to be discussed. I have already referred them to several people and will continue to do the same for others looking for in home care. I was a referred by someone else and continue to thank them for sending them my way. I highly recommend Jenette Young and her team at ComForCare."  --  DH

"I would tell a friend I am very pleased with the help I get from ComForCare for my father.  The caregivers just keep going and they stay busy.  They seem to know what my mother is doing and I am very happy with the assistance for my parents."  --  JK

"ComForCare makes life easier by supplying me with my needs.  The caregiver show their compassion through conversation and by supplying me with my needs."  --  AB

"I am really satisfied with ComForCare.  My father has a good caregiver that was assigned to him and he is doing a great job.  The caregiver is doing everything to care for my father because he shows a lot of compassion, and he is here for the whole two hours.  He dedicates all of his time to my father's needs."  --  ST

"ComForCare has been very reliable in that when I give the caregivers special instructions, they follow them and they are responsive."  -- Anonymous

"ComForCare's Manager is very communicative.  She is great with problem solving.  The caregiver is considerate, watches for what the client likes and will make recommendations of what to do that the client likes."  --  KF

"I haven't found the time lately to write this, but I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the team and provides aid to our parents.  They all have their strong points.  Elaine has gone above and beyond in my opinion.  She has followed my father on numerous occasions to the hospital after her shift has ended, sometimes staying at the hospital for hours, just to watch out for his best interests.  I can recall at least one time she was there until 9:00 pm after her 2:00 pm shift ended.  She keeps me up to date on what I need to know, which is important since on-average, I am only able to see my parents about once every two weeks.  The team works hard and Elaine seems to be the glue that binds them."  --  Herb L.

"ComForCare's caregivers seem to be doing the job.  I couldn't ask for better caregivers."  --  Lillian T.

"I get good services and I have a great caregiver who is on time and who is a good person."  --  Audrey B.

"The caregivers from ComForCare help with Charles' memory and understanding.  The caregivers works well with him."  --  Charles L.

"The ComForCare office staff knows me by name when I call and they are very helpful when I need something."  -  Raymond M.

"The office staff is always there when I call, and they take care of everything I need them to do."  --  Anonymous Client

"ComForCare is open with me.  They listen and work with me when I have a concern."  --  Norman S.

"I would tell someone looking for home care that ComForCare is good at matching caregivers to their clients.  A nurse from ComForCare calls me occasionally to check in on the caregives and makes sure we have everythign we need."  --  Mayer L.

"My aunt looks forward to the caregivers coming.  They take her shopping and they get her going when she knows that someone is coming."  --  Florence H.

"Once my caregiver got used to me and what I want, I don't have to ask them to do anything, they just do it."  --  Juanita A.

"If someone asked me for help, I would them that ComForCare has good workes and when they come, I don't have to worry about anything.  I wouldn't live without ComForCare's great service in my life."  --  Jeannette F.

"My caregivers show their work ethic because they show up on time and do all that is asked of them."  --  Patricia N.

"ComForCare has the best staff to work with, and they make sure their clients have twenty-four hour phone service in case there is a problem.  They will answer the call, no matter what time of day it is."  --  Anonymous Client

"My supervisor tells me when I do a good job, which makes me feel valued."  --  ComForCare employee

"ComForCare gives me a run-down of what to expect at the client's house, and if we need to use things like a Hoyer life, they make sure that we have te training we need before we go in."  --  ComForCare employee

"The training is ongoing, especially in subjects like Alzheimer's.  They do really well at having classes with various topics."  --  ComForCare employee

"Just called to get some information about the services and was impressed at the point of hello.  The young lady was very efficient, patient and forthcoming with information.  ... my first point of contact was great and I appreciate that.  Looking forward to working with the staff."  --  Vonda M.

"With deepest appreciation to the caregivers and staff at ComForCare for making it possible for N. to stay in the home in which he lived for 69 years.  He told you, and me, many times it was his house and it was to the end.  We did it; and we did it his way and with love and respect.  With thanks always."  --  Dorothea L.

"The staff who provided care to my Dad were exceptional.  They are great!  Every aide was prompt, very supportive and willing to go the extra mile for my Dad.  I would highly recommend this agency.  Very professional and caring staff.  Top notch agency!  Keep up the good work!"  --  Kimberly S.

"ComForcare is top notch.  I am telling all of my friends and neighbors about your services.  Give me some additional brochures and cards."  --  Clarence B.

"I thank God for you.  You are truly a blessing to me.  It was by God's divine appointment that we meet and do what He had assigned me to do.  May God continue to bless you."  --  Lelia P.

"It was by God’s divine plan that He placed you in my life.  You have been a blessing to me during this winter season of my life.  My caretakers have brought sunshine on cloudy days and we have enjoyed each other.  May God continue to bless you."  -  Lelia P.

"God bless you for helping me to communicate my thoughts in such a beautiful way at the Celebration of Life, Love and Legacy.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and you could feel the love in the room. Again, thank you for helping a young old lady to keep writing her thoughts in my journal.  Maybe a book is on the way.  God Bless."  --  Leila P.

"It is a pleasure having you service my family member.  Wishing you much success in your business this year and future years as well."  --  Bobbie S.

"Thanks for your understanding, and as always, for the wonderful care my friend is receiving.  Your staff is the best."  --  Lynn F.

"Quite simply, you're the very best!  And a blessing!"  --  Terry F.

"Things are great.  I now have time to get things done." --  Dorothea L.

"Thanks for your presence at my mom's passing.  It was a blessing seeing you and Belinda at the viewing.  The plant is simply beautiful."  --  Mattie M.

"I want to express my thanks for the lovely Christmas card and blanket.  The gesture was very warm and comforting.  You and your staff have gone above the call of duty.  The service that you have provided to me throughout the year has been above excellent.  I would like to express a special thank you to Shawnta G.  She has been instrumental in helping me execute my visions.  She is truly an inspiration to my life."  - - Leilia P.

"Thank you sincerely for providing me with special caring aides.  When my dear husband had care from workman's comp, the paperwork overwhelmed me and my son took over.  Your system is good and I'm in charge of expenses.  I always have been and (my husband) always said GOOD JOB!"  --  Mrs. M

"I've been so pleased with your service.  Your caregivers are great.  Thanks so much."  -  Sharon F.

"I just want to tell you how pleased we have been with the level of care provided by my father's caregivers.  Every one of them has been wonderful, and they have all done much more than we expected them to do.  I think we're very lucky to have found your agency.  Please pass on the compliment to all the ladies who take care of E."  --  Bev and Herb L.

"The family of Lucille M. wishes to extend their sincere thanks and gratitude for the loving and caring manner in which both Araceli and Dorothy demonstrated towards their mother."  --  Joel M.

"Again, I am grateful for you and your employees helping me so lovingly.  It has made a difference to my health."  --  Martha

"All of the caregivers have been great."  --  Elsie C.

"D. King referred me saying she is really happy working with ComForcare.  You really need to apply now."  --  Idaina R.

"You are doing a great job caring for my mom."  --  Dr. P.

"I wanted to thank you for helping my family out last month by providing a certified nurse aide.  It went quite well."  --  Thomas Q.

"Thanks for the wonderful care you have been providing for our referrals."  --  Ms. J.

"First, thank you for the flowers - it's a nice touch of class.  If you ever need a recommendation, please call on me.  I knew my lady whom I was married to for 65 wonderful years, would not last too long and I thought I could handle it.  But I'm hurting.  I am so glad she chose me to share her life with.  Thanks for what you and ComForcare did to make her life more comfortable."  --  Bernard K.

"I wanted to compliment ComForCare for the wonderful attention and consideration given my wife during her extended illness.  The concern and tenderness exhibited by both of your employees made life so much more bearable for her and me.  I would highly recommend ComForcare to anyone needing your services."  --  Bernard K.

"Thanks so much for that excellent Conference writing tool.  I have two - but not nearly so nice.  I'll put it to good use.  It was very thoughtful of you."  --  Bernard K.

"Your caregivers are excellent!  Felicia and Sharon were great and Gail was a huge help."  --  Mandy W., RN, Union Memorial Hospital

"Thank you a thousand times.  So glad that we are in the ComForCare business and can count on other locations to get the job done.  Thank you so much for caring for Betty while she was in the hospital.  You have no idea how wonderful it is to know that qualified and caring people are with her when she is in a strange place.  Because her cognitive skills are so low, I always worry about how frightened she must be without familiar surroundings.  Having your caregivers with her eases my mind.  I appreciate Nurse Emma wanting to follow up now that Betty is back in Keswick.  Hopefully, she won't be back in the hospital too soon, but it is good to know you will have her baseline assessment.  Thanks again for everything."   --  Sally W., RN, ComForCare Hilton Head

"Carrie is a doll baby and a good listener.  Tonya takes me to my doctor's appointments and to the store and is really good."  --  Martha W.

"Thanks.  I was in business for a long time - When someone does a good job, I like to thank them.  I appreciate you and Frieda and how you help our family."  --  Mr. K

"I don't know what I would do without Frieda.  I absolutely love her.  She gives me the best bath.  We are like best girlfriends.  She does everything under the sun to make me happy."  --  Ms. C

"Thank you for putting up with me.  LOL.  I truly have love and respect for you.  I also would like to say I so appreciate you for allyou do and for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the ComForcare team."  --  L. H.

"Thank you ... for the very special ways of kindnesses you shoed to me during my recent illness."  --  E.B.

"Thanks for your helpful ways."  --  T.S.

"I thank God for you!  You have been a blessing to me and I will continue to be there for you as you do for so many others."  --  A.D.


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