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ComForCare Senior Care of Greensboro, NC

"ComForCare seems to be right on target with the match. The client is older and is able to relate to the caregiver. ComForCare sends a male to bathe the client, which makes him more comfortable." -- Joan K., Greensboro

"ComForCare is efficient and their caregivers well trained. They are reliable and Mr. Bober makes sure that the schedule is covered. My husband has maintained his health." -- Saralynn N., Greensboro

"My mom tells me how much she enjoys having the caregiver and that she will do anything. ComForCare has give me peace of mind knowing that my mom is being taken care of." -- Michelle M., Colfax, NC

"I am confident in ComForCare's office because of the way they do their billing and because they are responsive to our calls." -- Deborah M., Brown Summit, NC

"They have really great office staff. They do everything possible to try and get someone here." -- Pat N., Greensboro

"I would tell others that they should try ComForCare because my other company wasn't as good as ComForCare. Richard will come over with a new caregiver anytime we get a new girl to introduce her to us. He also came out when my husband was injured." -- Betty J., High Point

"I appreciate getting to work with Richard, the owner. I like him and how he does business." -- Deb A., Summerfield, NC

"I just want to tell you how easy and pleasant it was to do business with you. All your employees were excellent and helped me in so many ways. I've had a hard time doing without Sharon who did so much for me without being asked. I'll have to find another Sharon as I get older." -- Gay C. Brown Summit, NC Total Joint Replacement Client

"Thank you for providing the best care one can expect. I am truly grateful for how you are my go-to in the Greensboro area." -- Elias Couto, Clinical Home Health Coordinator at SMS National of Altamonte Springs, FL

"Richard - you have been wonderful with great communication and that's very appreciated!" -- Tayla D Care Management Coodinator One Call Care Management

"Congratulations on the continuation of your outstanding service to the community. Additionally, please accept my thanks for your support of our NA program here at Guilford Technical and Community College." -- Warren Crow, RN, BSN Program Coordinator, Interim Assistant Professor NA Training Program

"ComForcare is full of fine, Christian people. They have wonderful people working for them." -- Patricia L. High Point, NC

"We are still very well-pleased with all of the caregivers we have had. You have an excellent staff - they are all "keepers"." -- Betty-Gale S.

"I appreciate that Richard, the owner, was hands on. He matched caregivers to my sister that fit her needs. One of the caregivers gave my sister a rose, and one of them took her shopping as well. The caregivers wore scrubs. They were very presentable. They dressed appropriately...If I didn't reach someone, they would get back to me within ten to fifteen minutes with their services. I would recommend ComForcare to others! I would tell them to do business with them any day of the week...I have no complaints whatsoever. They are very nice people. ComForcare made a difficult part of my life and my sister's life so much easier. I was confident that I could leave her with the caregivers." -- Diana S.

"The staff is very conscientious. They keep us informed. There is not delay to the responses. The caregivers are very aware of my aunts needs as well as my needs. Aware to the point where they are able to recognize things. She is always very early. She doesn't get behind on anything...What little that I have to communicate with him because things are so well organized, it's great. If I could describe them in simple words, it would be: efficiency and professionalism. They have everything in place that helps everyone and protects everyone at the same time. I would like to commend the owner in regards to when a replacement is needed or an emergency comes up, he always comes out here with them to introduce them, which I respect a lot." -- Emily I.

"I selected them because they were recommended by our insurance agent...He is very prompt and if (Client's name) needs help with anything, there is nothing that he will not do and he never complains about it." -- Myrna Z.

"I chose ComForcare because I found them on the internet. I appreciate the agency and that they make sure that my caregiver is present. My aide is always on time and never late. My caretaker just makes me feel comfortable. My caregiver wears a uniform when working around me. My caregiver has done everything that the agency said they would." -- Tiffanie R.

"I think she knows a lot about hygiene and giving my husband showers and things like that. She usually wears a smock and always has her nametag on it. I think she's always well dressed...I've had really good communication with Richard! It's been really good. We have a set schedule. They come six days a week, but we're both flexible with our schedules. I would recommend ComForcare because I found them to be very reliable and dependable. They've answered my needs." -- Betty S.

"I was in no pain but I couldn't see. They help me to drive because I am without a license. They come on time and they helped me put drops in my eyes. They are nice people. They are always on time. There was a mix-up once, but I won't knock them down for that. They seem to know what they are doing. I don't really know what they are trained on. They are efficient though. They come with me to the doctors office to learn about my eye drops...I've had very little contact with them. The owner is a pleasant man to deal with. Every time you phone them, they are there to help you immediately. I think they have done everything they agreed to do. For me, the service has worked well. Other people might be more finicky than me." -- Claire K.

"They (the caregivers) are always very courteous and I have not met anyone there who is rude...They seem to be knowledgeable about what they are doing with my mother...I can call even on the weekends and Richard always answer the phone...We have not had any issues with any of the services.. My father selected this agency because he had heard good things about this agency...The girls that come in are always very nice and they have kept the house immaculate. They have been very good to my mother...I really can't think of anything to improve. They have been great with us." -- Vicki S.

"They come and know what things Daddy likes and what he doesn't. They try and keep is schedule consistent which is extremely important for him because he can't get around very well. It's hard for him to see. They try really hard with keeping things consistent. They are just very caring. We lost our mom last year and it has been very hard on all of us, especially on our dad. They take care of his needs and try and cheer him up. They are lovely people...Richard is the only one I have dealt with at all. I haven't really dealt with him that many times. I haven't really had to call...I selected this agency over others because we had had another agency originally and they didn't have enough coverage so someone told us about ComForcare...None of us live in Greensboro with my dad and it's difficult. The ladies that we have had for a long time have made it an easier transition for everyone, especially my dad, and I don't know what we would do without them." -- Annie G.

"The caregivers that I have are excellent. They are very hard working and they do very well with my mother...The caregivers always show up on time. If there is some type of emergency, they get in touch with us immediately. I believe that has only happened once though...The training and knowledge that the caregivers have is excellent. We went through several caregivers in the beginning that weren't very good, but the ones we have now are excellent. They have the ability to transport my mother with ease. They don't leave any bruises or marks on her. My mother really likes them too. They monitor her medications perfectly and they are very good cooks. Their compassion is excellent. They go above and beyond with their care. The way that they care for her shows that they really care. They try to engage her mind by doing little activities. They talk with her and look through pictures with her. They really treat her like she is family. The caregivers are always very clean. They always come dressed professionally in their scrubs. They look like professionals but they take care of my mother like they are her family and I really like that...I only really talk Mr. Bober in the office. He stays very involved with the care and he makes sure that he is on the same page as we are. I have had several problems that they have responded well to them. I have thrown all kinds of things at them and they round things up to take care of everything. The overall quality of service is very good. The caregivers are the best part of the company. The price is good and the agency follows up on everything...They were definitely good at creating the schedule. I have had to make a lot of changes and they have worked so hard to be accommodating of those changes. I elected them because I contacted several agencies and they called me right back and got all the information right to me. They were the only agency that did that...I appreciate the caregivers Sarah, Amy, Katrina and Tia. They are excellent. We have had them for a while and they do very well with my mother." -- Jayne P.

"I selected this agency over others because I liked the presentation that Richard gave...I appreciate that the person that is giving the service is competent and cooperative. She takes care of (Client's name) and helps her dress. She keeps her fed and makes sure she takes her pills. She takes her where she needs to go. She is concerned that she has her walker, takes her pills and is happy doing what she wants to do. The caregivers are very hard working. They are on time, and they know what to do. They work well with my wife. They are even able to get her to do things that I can't...I would recommend them to others. I would tell them that the agency is dependable and flexible. The caregivers work very well with the client, and they do their best to please the client." -- Jim C.

"They (caregivers) do well at what they are supposed to do. If they are asked to do something, they will carry it out the way they are supposed to. They carry out their tasks to the fullest...At one time I had something I needed to talk to them about and I was very satisfied with the way they handled things...They always do what they are supposed to do...They always give us what they had promised they would do...I would have no reservations whatsoever recommending them to someone else...At one time we had to make some adjustments and it was easily done. The agency had no problems with making the adjustments...I think all the people are very professional. I appreciate that I am always aware of what they are doing with the client." -- Pat B.

"We are getting what we are expecting to get, which is good service, and attention...I am impressed with the training this young lady is showing. She is obviously well-trained...She shows great compassion.. I have been impressed with the businesslike manner they conduct themselves...She has always been here on time. Apparently, she is always on time to other clients as well...I looked around for others because I wasn't satisfied with the other company I was using. I looked into this one and liked what they offered." -- Marshall A.

"This agency was selected after I talked to several agencies. I thought what they offered and for the price they offered it for was great...The caregivers are wonderful. (Client's name) really likes the people that are there... The owner seems to always take care of little problems right away. The agency communicates often with me through phone calls and e-mails. When there is a need for communication they do not hesitate to call." -- Carolyn L.

"I have recommended this agency to some of my friends in the past...This agency was chosen because it was the quickest agency to respond to my request for information...The caregivers that care for my mother are great." -- Jayne P.

"We have quite a few caregivers, but they all do what they are supposed to do. There have been very few times where things haven't worked out well. I appreciate that...Richard makes sure that everyone is trained. If they don't know how to do something, Richard trains them immediately...When the caregivers come, they come dressed in a uniform...Whenever you need something, everything gets taken care of immediately. I appreciate not having any worries.. Everything gets taken care of and I have full confidence in the agency...Everything has been excellent, I have nothing bad to say about them...I just liked what they had to offer and I enjoyed the demeanor of Richard...I appreciate that they do what they say they will do...I'm just very pleased with this agency and I will never change agencies. Thank you." Carolyn L.

"They seem to have an interest in everything about (Client's name) care. I consider that a compassionate attribute of each caregiver...I think the management is absolutely excellent...I think they are very good about that. They are quick to respond...I would highly recommend them! I would have no reservations what-so-ever...Overall, the service has been excellent...We were having home health services coming to our home and we were discussing other agencies. One of the workers at the time recommended ComForCare to me. After speaking with this agency, I didn't speak with anyone else, I just selected them right away...I think each of the caregivers that come are nice people. They are very trustworthy. They are also very competent and will do what is asked of them. I think that's a unique combination...All of the questions that have been asked have been pertinent to our care. I think this is a great organization. I've been very happy with the services that we have received. Every time that I've had a question or concern, I call and speak with the manager and he is incredibly helpful, you can call day or night and he's always right there. That has been an aspect of the care that has been really appreciated, you can't find that these days." Pat B.

"She has much more training than any other caregiver we have experienced. She is interested in nursing and that type of training. She's a college graduate...They have met every promise they made and they lived up to their mission statement...It seemed more businesslike than the other agency we have used previously. I like the guy who owns the agency...They keep up with the people who they send out to give us services. There is a daily report every time I have someone here. There haven't been any mistakes so far. We've had follow up assessments from the nurse and that was never done by my previous agency. The young lady assigned to us is exceptionally good. We have a good rapport...The young lady who has been assigned to us initially is a keeper." Marshall A.

"When the caregivers come, they will wear a uniform...They (agency management) is very reliable...I appreciate that they are there when they need to be." John M.

"I would highly recommend this agency to others. I've had an overall positive experience and I appreciate that...My mom and I had done some research to find some local companies with good reputations. We wanted our aunt to be able to live independently. The price point was perfect for us...I appreciate that it helps my aunt to live on her own with dignity and with her independence." Shane S.

"The agency lets you know what is going on. I think that they do a good job staying on top of things. They will get back to you and you can always reach them if you need to. The agency has done everything that they said they would do. If somebody needed a caregiver, I would tell them to talk to ComForcare before anybody else. I had a friend who had used the agency before, and he recommended them." Paul M.

"The very first time I used them, we had a snowstorm, I couldn't get into town and my sitter couldn't get here. The manager went and picked up the sitter to come and provide care for my mother, that just shows you the level of compassion right there." Laura K.

"They (caregivers) are here when they are supposed to be and they look for things to do. They are good to the client...They know what they are doing. I tell them what I need the first time and I never have to tell them the second time. I am comfortable leaving home with them here...Overall I like the service. They specifically look for opportunities to help us. I didn't want a caregiver with a cell phone or one that would make me feel hurried." Betty W.

"I can reach time anytime and they are responsive and flexible." Paul L.

"I'm very happy with the lady who is staying with my mom, she's a huge advocate for her, my mother just loves her, there's not enough good things I can say about her." Nancy U.

"I have used other services, and one of them was a very large company in our area, and one of their sitters caused my mom to fall and break her hip. I had another service that the age of the sitter wasn't appropriate for my mother, she was an elderly person who wouldn't be able to lift her if she fell, but I have just never had any problems with Richard's people. They are outstanding. I've been so impressed. When Richard brings in a new person, he covers all the bases, with medications, etc. He is just so on top of things and very impressive."Laura K.

"We are just so pleased, the agency is wonderful." John M.

"The owner is willing to work with our needs and requests. The owner is willing to work with our needs and requests." Brooke S.

"Richard does a great job to straighten things out and fix problems himself. Generally if there is a problem they take care of them. I know I am not going to have problems...I liked the price and the person that I spoke with as I was interviewing." Carolyn L.

"Richard is on the ball. He gets things done... I like that they (caregivers) get out here when we need them. They always make sure we have someone." Pauline H.

"We are completely satisfied with our caregivers. They are excellent workers, always prompt, neat and clean and very polite. You are very fortunate to have such great employees." Betty S.

"My grandmother used the personal response system which was on her wrist as a bracelet. She tripped over the ottoman, fell and broke her arm. She was in so much pain that she passed out. If she didn't have the personal response bracelet, we wouldn't know that she had fallen and hurt herself. The emergency response people got there quickly and gave her the necessary medical attention. I would recommend this device to anybody- no telling how long she would have laid there before anyone would have known of her condition." Emily B.

"Comforcare of the Triad is always accommodating to our needs. Checking in to see if caregiver was a "good fit" with my mom. We have been very pleased with Comforcare." Sally C., High Point, NC "Overall, our caregiver is courteous and respectful; she is well-trained in the areas we need assistance. The service from Comforcare is excellent, and if asked by another individual to rate Comforcare's services, I'd say their service is excellent." Mary R., Greensboro, NC

"I am impressed by the caliber of the employees of Comforcare. They seem to be very competent ladies who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of my mom. I like that." Cathryn M., Greensboro, NC

"I am going to recommend Comforcare to my friends in our age bracket. Comforcare was great and they were there when we needed them." Susan O., Greensboro, NC

"The owner, Richard Bober, followed through on every detail of my mom's care. He went over and above our every expectation. We used another company before we found Comforcare, and Richard's level of service far exceeded the competition." S.O., Greensboro, NC

"Richard- thank you for your thoughtful preparation of a good working document. I appreciate the efforts you have all made on my mother's-in-law behalf, and I know she does as well. Jo, Mary Jo, and Keegan have all been wonderful to her." L.F., High Point, NC "All caregivers shared the same characteristics- competent, caring, and very pleasant. Thanks so much for your help." Mrs. Carolyn S. Turner, wife of late NC State Senator James R. Turner

"Comforcare has become a part of our family. John (the caregiver) has made the transition unbelievably easy. We will miss John when Daddy's gone." Diane B., Thomasville, NC

"All caregivers were professional, on time, and performed as needed or better. I would recommend this company to all friends and family." Travis S., Jamestown, NC

"Service provided was on time, pleasant, and agreeable to anything I asked! I was very satisfied." Sonya S., Greensboro, NC

"The caregiver we have will do anything that is needed. The household would be lost without her." Martha B., High Point, NC

"Thanks again Richard! Margie (our nurse) and Deborah (the caregiver) are gems!!" Catherine M., Greensboro, NC

"Thank you. We have been most pleased with the staff thus far. Granddaddy is very comfortable and that makes us very happy!" Stephanie B. and Angie M., Greensboro, NC

"Our caregiver is courteous, efficient, and pleasant." Isabel M., High Point, NC "Our caregiver was very good." Pat L. Gibsonville, NC "Thanks for all your help with this. Your follow through has been superb." Sandi L. of Rockford, IL whose father resides in High Point, NC

"Janie is excellent in every respect." Gene Y., Greensboro, NC

"Randy did an excellent job. I hope he can come back." Gene Y., Greensboro, NC

"In all respects, Dexter was not just excellent. He was superior." Eloise and Bruce O.

"I truly appreciate the help I have received." Brenda B., Jamestown

"Thank you so much for your immediate help when my mom was hospitalized! Please give Cindy our special thanks - we really liked her!" Leah P., Greensboro, NC

"Richard Bober and my aide, Cassidy, are such wonderful people to work with and personally, to know as friends." Robyn G.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (336) 617-6001 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Greensboro, NC).

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