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North Bergen County Testimonials

"Your caregivers have been extraordinary throughout this entire process. It has been such a pleasure, and an honor to work with every one of them. I can’t thank you enough for sending us such wonderful, kind and loving people."

"ComForCare was an outstanding home health agency to work with. When my Mother's hospice care needed more support than what the hospital could provide, ComForCare was the answer. Each and every employee I had contact with during the initial call, assessment interview and the aide selection was professional and personable. Care, compassion and service excellence was demonstrated at each and every step. The two aides, Carol and Maritza, were more than 5 star worthy. Professional, respectful, knowledgeable, compassionate, is just the start of the list of qualities demonstrated to my mom and me."


"Jonathan, you and the team at ComForCare made my mother's last week on Earth comfortable, safe, peaceful and loving. I'm beyond grateful for the compassionate service provided each and every step of the way. Your team removed the fear and allowed love, peace and compassion to prevail during my mother's final days on earth. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


"I know several months have passed, but when visiting Mike this week, I saw the lovely card you had sent and it brought back happy memories and thoughts of your wonderful devotion to our mom.  I still stay in touch with Allyson often and consider her family.  Thank you all for the good memories, smiles and professional care."

Ruth S.

"Sincere thanks for your kindness, counsel and service over the years.  We so appreciate your partnership with us in the care of Wei-Lil's mom and dad, and your advice and solace with David's mom and dad."

Wei-Lil and David

"I'd like to thank you and everyone on the ComForCare team for the excellent care you gave my dad during his final days.  I know there were moments his dementia made him difficult, but the aides and nurse were always kind and compassionate and provided outstanding care."

Diane D.

"As part of my Lenten promise, I am writing to 40 people for 40 days to tell them how grateful I am for them ... YOU!  Thank you for all your care and patience with my parents!  Thank you for working with us  through all of this!  I am VERY grateful!  Thank you and the staff at ComForCare for all you do.  For the understanding of the elderly and the compassion you all delivery."

Kim M.

"Thank you so much for all of your time, care, support and prayers over the years.  The employees were wonderful, there were many, but they all had their special traits.  You're all a kind, loving group of people.  Thank you for your understanding, prayers and strength during the later difficult times.  My mom was special.  Thank you for making her comfortable."  

Jane, Judy, Donald and Dennis O.

"I have been meaning to write to you long before now, but never got around to it.  In light of the new situation with my mother, the time is now.  I assume you know this already, but it was through no fault of the ComForCare staff that the situation with my mother did not work out permanently.  Her basic personality, couple with her dementia simply made it impossible for her to accept live in help.  That left us with only the option of moving her out of her home.  

I really want to tell you what a lovely group of women you sent to my mother.  Across the board, they were more than we could have hoped for.  I have no idea how you vet your employees, but keep doing what you're doing.  I do not ever hear people as happy with home care help as we were with ComForCare.  Ilona goes WAY beyond what she is paid to do and you should know just how special she is and how beautifully she treats her clients.  It has occurred to me - who very recently retired - that if I were inclined to return to employment, I would look at your agency.  

Thank you for everything you did for us, and in particular for my mother.  She may not have always appreciated her caregivers, but I certainly did.  Being a nurse means that I am a tough critic.  You passed with flying colors!"

Barbara G.

"Bringing Racquel in to help Mom was a wonderful thing that you did.  Her help was spectacular.  There are no words in the English language to express a thank you adequately.  The flowers you sent to Mom were beautiful.  Your presence at the viewing to express your condolence is appreciated."  

Chet D.

"I wanted to say thanks to you and all of ComForCare for all you provided for my father (the patient) and mother.  From the beginning of services, each caregiver, as well as yourself and Rita, treated both my father and mother, as well as my sister and me, as if we were a part of your own family.  S. who was with us the longest, was amazing and we all truly feel she became a part of our family.  ComForcare got us through a very tough time and did it not only with excellent service, but more importantly, with kindness and compassion.  I will highly recommend your services to anyone who has need of them.

Also, thank Rita for me for her phone call.  It helped me make the decision I needed to, and will now be working in the homecare field as a Clinical Supervisor."  

Gayle C.

"It is time that Susan and I thank you for the outstanding service you provided in her recovery.  We are grateful for the courtesy and excellent support service that you and those on your staff gave to both of us.  Although I hope we won't need such services in the future, we will always choose you should the occasion arise.  Thanks and good luck in the future ..."  

Susan and Stan B.

"... I am so grateful for your willingness to make all the travel arrangements (for my mother) particularly in the middle of the holiday season.  You go above and beyond the call of duty and we thank you for all of your efforts to enhance her quality of life."  

Kathy C.

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