Senior Personal Care
ComForCare Home Care (Northwest Metro Atlanta, GA)

Senior personal care needs can become taxing and overwhelming due to advanced age or disabilities. When these needs begin to add stress, seniors may seek outside help. Seniors in the East Cobb, Roswell and surrounding areas of Atlanta now have the option to have senior personal care needs taken care of right in their home by the professionals at ComForCare. ComForCare has been in the industry much longer than most home care companies and can offer the best home care service available.

Family Respite

When East Cobb and Roswell, GA seniors begin to require help, family members are generally the first people that are trusted to assist. Loved ones usually understand their family best, but may have trouble juggling all responsibilities along with the new needs of their elder family members. Caregivers offer family respite that can help to relieve some of this tension. Caregivers will work closely with family members to provide the best possible care for clients while allowing family members to fit work schedules and all other obligations comfortably into daily routines.

Senior Personal Hygiene

Senior personal care needs may be neglected as seniors begin to have trouble with these tasks. Rumpled clothing, unkempt hair, and other issues may alert family members to a need for assistance with senior personal hygiene. ComForCare caregivers have undergone extensive training on caring for these needs in the most professional and gentle ways possible. Caregivers understand the emotional effect that requiring assistance with these needs may have and will do their best to reassure clients while helping seniors to stay clean and comfortable.

Dementia Care

Dementia affects millions of seniors across the United States. With the commonality of cognitive disorders and dementias, ComForCare in East Cobb and Roswell, GA seeks to provide the highest quality care for those with dementia. Caregivers can help with home organization that will mitigate common dementia dangers such as falls and wandering. Caregivers will also create a reliable and comforting routine, since this has been found to limit troubling dementia behaviors and outbursts. Above all, caregivers will strive to increase the occurrence of positive experiences for dementia clients while ensuring safety.

Transition of Care Help

It is often when seniors are released from a hospital following ailments and injuries that help is needed with senior personal care tasks. ComForCare can provide this help, whether it is temporary or long-term. Caregivers can help to prepare the home for the client prior to arrival and make the home more comfortable and user friendly after arrival. Caregivers can offer aid with recuperation programs and other senior personal care needs. Having assistance with senior personal care needs can make coming home a more enjoyable experience that may help to speed recovery.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (770) 649-9930 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Northwest Metro Atlanta, GA).

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