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ComForCare Home Care (Metro Tampa Central, FL)

Brittney Akins

“I love helping people by honoring their wishes and personal preferences which allows me to demonstrate the flexibility home care can provide, allowing older adults to thrive in their home.”

My Passion

I have been in the healthcare field for over 15 years and I’ve always loved helping people. I’ve seen a lot of older adults who go to the hospital anticipating that they will go home after their stay and instead end up going to a nursing home. While nursing homes certainly have their purpose, a lot of folks who don’t have family or support often feel that is their only option and it’s not. 

My goal is to provide older adults with the option to receive care at home and also understand varying resources that are available to support safe and successful aging. The clients I care for truly thrive at home. 

As a nurse, with previous experience in the ICU and emergency department, I’ve seen a lot of families and older adults end up in difficult situations because they didn’t know how to best care for themselves. As a result of letting small things go unaddressed over time, things elevated into critical situations. Many of these circumstances could have been avoided with the right care and oversight that myself and my staff pledge to provide to those who trust in our care.  

Part of my experience that I’ve come to love is working alongside older adults and empowering them to find their own voice, make educated choices throughout their care journey, and achieve health-related goals. I want to help them stay independent for as long as they can, and that often starts with me helping them engage in their own condition management. I make sure that they know they have a cheerleader working with them every step of the way. Most older adults (and their families) prefer to stay in their home. My goal is to make that happen through awareness and quality services.  


I have been both a CNA and RN, and I've always loved bedside care. Most of my experience as an RN has been in the ICU where it is just as much about quickly stabilizing conditions as it is supporting families as their loved ones faced a very critical time in their life. That experience taught me the importance of caring for my client and their loved ones like family, which is very powerful in terms of the healing process and accepting an altered reality. My days in the hospital were not very different than my role now as an RN, agency owner and client and family care advocate. I will be here to support my clients and families as they navigate their newfound normal,  build a new relationship with a home care agency, and experience the benefits that comes along with it. I love helping people, educating them on their disease process, and most importantly how to improve it. 

What You Can Expect

You can expect a very personalized approach that focuses on education so clients can feel involved every step of the way. First and foremost, my goal is to honor and respect my clients’ wishes whatever they may be. We will identify the right care plan for each family, along with identifying any other resources in the community that may need to be coordinated. There are a lot of options and sometimes new things to learn as an older adult may experience a new diagnosis or condition, which can feel overwhelming at times. As a licensed professional, I am here to help ease some of that burden starting on day one.  

Part of this motivation for me is a personal motto I live by which is: “how would you yourself want to be treated? Or your personal loved one?” Keeping this as a filter in all that we do guides my decision, oversight and caregiving team selection to ensure we honor our clients and their personal preferences along with supporting them in their home by caring like family. We know most people are happy at home, and our goal is to keep them at home and as happy as possible for as long as we can.  

Credentials and Education

  • Certified Nursing Aide
  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Auburn University
  • DementiaWise certification

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (813) 542-3330 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Metro Tampa Central, FL).

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