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The transition from the hospital to home can be difficult. If you're loved one needs help adjusting after being discharged from a hospital stay or just needs extra care, our transitions of care services can help! ComForCare provides hospital-to-home transition care services to individuals in Danbury, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Our caregivers can provide assistance for a few hours a week or up to around-the-clock care.

One-Time Care

If a family member cannot be there when a loved one is discharged from a hospital, rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility, ComForCare can help. Our Transition to Home Package provides assistance with transportation and help getting settled at home. In addition, our agency can perform fall-risk assessments in your loved one's home and can provide fall prevention tips.

Short-Term Care

With hospital-to-home transition care, our caregivers are able to provide transportation assistance, help an individual with meal preparation, run errands, follow care plans created by the registered nurse supervising care and more. Our caregivers are happy to help your loved ones as needed. we understand it's important to provide individuals with supervision and assistance around the clock after a hospital discharge to ensure their safety and well-being. For older adults, continuing to monitor care after release from a facility is crucial for a full recovery.

Long-Term Care

We understand that sometimes the reason for a hospital stay is due to something that affects the individual's ability to perform daily activities during their recovery. In this situation, we develop a care plan and can update it as changes occur.

Call 203-702-1181 to learn more about hospital-to-home transition care services in Danbury, Connecticut and the surrounding areas.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (203) 702-1181 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Danbury, CT).

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