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Client Testimonials

-- Linda

"ComForCare provided exceptional care for my husband both in our home, and while he was at a board and care facility in hospice. Joel and Lynn, the owners of ComForCare are truly concerned for the patients' needs and strive to give the highest quality of care possible. While caring for my husband in our home, one of the caregivers duties was transporting my husband to and from dialysis, when he was confined to a wheel chair. It was an important and difficult job, but they always got my husband to his dialysis appointment on time and helped him into the dialysis chair. They also helped him out of the dialysis chair and back in the wheel chair, after he was finished, and drove him home.

Once he was home, they made sure that he was clean, comfortable and had a nice, warm meal. While my husband was in a board and care facility and in hospice, I wanted to be sure that he received 24/7 care. ComForCare provided outstanding day and night care at my husband's bed side. Throughout the day, I would call the care giver to check on him, until I got there. In addition to filling me in, the care giver would also put my husband on the phone. It enabled me to tell him that I would be there at a certain time and ask him if I could bring him anything. It also gave me a chance to tell him that I loved him.

Since I was never sure if it would be the last time.My husband actually thanked me for having ComForCare there. The board and care staff was wonderful, but having a personal ComForCare care giver there for him was even better. They made sure that he got what he needed. They are true professionals and very compassionate individuals. They comfort the patient as well as the patients family. I feel like my husband received the best care possible and that is what we all want for our loved ones. I highly recommend ComForCare to anyone that wants to feel confident that their loved one is receiving the highest quality of care available."

-- Gregory C.

"My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and required in-home healthcare for some time until she died at home. ComForCare provided skilled staffing on a part-time basis initially which quickly shifted to 24 hour per day service. The staff they provided were skilled, compassionate and professional. While my hundred-year-old father was capable and independent, the staff also took a strong interest in and helped care for him. They helped care for my mother to our thorough satisfaction until the moment of her death. Management was diligent, gracious and effectively responsive to our quickly changing circumstances. I administrated a medical school for several years, developed real estate, owned a manufacturing company for 30 years and have had hundreds of employees. Most importantly, I was devoted to my parents. I would recommend ComForCare to anyone considering home healthcare for a loved one."

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