Meet the Owners
ComForCare Home Care (Palm Desert & Palm Springs, CA)

Meet the Owners Lisa Mendez and Laurence Corkins

“As a devoted team, we are enthusiastic about making a meaningful difference in care. Our gift to those we care for is a promise that with us, they are family. We will do everything we can to help loved ones live their best lives possible and be the center of all that we provide for them.”

Our Passion

Before these two innovative friends knew each other, co-owners Lisa and Laurence were professionals in their own careers; however, in those positions, they each had a vision and desire to help others in an even bigger way. Fast forward to today, they now co-own ComForCare Palm Desert-Palm Springs which allows them to continue helping enrich the lives of others while serving their community. They provide meaningful in-home care, allowing families to feel better and do better. Their drive is to support others in continuing to find meaning and purpose while living in the comfort of their own home.  


Laurence’s Story 

Meet the Owners - Palm Desert & Palm Springs, CA | ComForCare - Laurence_PicAt a young age, Laurence began working in healthcare. He was first introduced to bedside care as a volunteer at a local hospital while in high school.This experience was nothing short of educational and meaningful. Whether it was bringing meals to patients, having conversations, tending to their needs, or just being there in quiet moments, this really impacted Laurence and those he cared for. The experience forever cemented his passion for supporting and serving others in their time of need. He also participated in community events such as being a youth advocate and ambassador for the American Cancer Society and the local chamber of commerce (Healthy Communities Initiative) project. Laurence was the first youth recipient of an honorable vision award in his county for spreading awareness and advocating for a healthier community.

While in college, Laurence worked as a home health aide, nurse aide, and mental health technician. He also spent many years working in home care as an advocate and group home manager for individuals with developmental disabilities. Laurence became a nurse which allowed him to elevate his clinical experience working in various settings such as mental health, hospice, and rehabilitation. 

These collective experiences over the past 20 years taught him the power of being able to receive care in your own home versus facility-based care. It became apparent that people thrive and do better at home. Laurence has pretty much seen it all from the direct care experience, to an operational and clinical role. His experience allows him to bring a unique perspective and appreciation for helping others to the families and clients his agency supports. Laurence will truly work alongside you and provide support every step of the way in your home care journey. 

Lisa’s Story

Meet the Owners - Palm Desert & Palm Springs, CA | ComForCare - Lisa_PicLife has a way of showing you what your true passions are. Lisa’s experience has led her to be truly passionate about helping people and spreading joy—both professionally and personally. 

For the past 35 years, Lisa helped others live life more comfortably through retail management. In this devoted career as the vice president of the West Coast in a large retail chain, Lisa spent a lot of time learning what makes people feel good and what gives them a sense of comfort and independence. 

She has also been very fortunate in life with her personal experience caring for her father before he passed away. Even though it was a very sad time for her, the memories made and knowing her father was comforted and cared for every step of the way had a tremendous impact. It was through personal experiences that Lisa learned what good meaningful care was. The peace of mind Lisa experienced is now her personal pledge in caring for clients who trust in her care. Her drive is to support clients and their ability to live the most meaningful and fulfilled lives possible. Lisa and her team members care like family. Lisa strives to treat everyone with care and respect as a business owner and in her personal life. Her motto is: “If I’ve made them smile, I’ve made a difference!”

What You Can Expect

For Lisa and Laurence, it is a privilege to continue their legacies as professionals with a common passion to help clients live their best lives possible. By balancing Lisa’s strengths in operational leadership, management, and team building with Laurence’s strengths in clinical bedside care, patient advocacy, and social involvement, these two will truly bridge the gap between clinical and community care. They ensure their care is “person-centered” by adjusting services around client goals and wishes. They provide guidance to the family and client to maintain their dignity while honoring individuality and personal preferences. Lisa and Laurence also match clients with suitable caregivers so they are comfortable, knowing they are cared for and loved with collaboration every step of the way.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (760) 832-6055 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Palm Desert & Palm Springs, CA).

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