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At an early age, and to my mother’s dismay, I started jumping off every step I saw. Sometimes I would be a daredevil and jump off as many as four steps at a time. And while it turned out to be the extent of my athletic abilities, it was just the beginning of a lifetime of leaping into new experiences.

I graduated from Virginia State University and jumped on the 1st job offered to me at C&P Telephone Co, which later became Verizon Communications. Through tenacity and patience, I worked several jobs and retired as a technician after 32 years.

During my first year of retirement, I started noticing a change in my vibrant mother-in-law who lived alone. Small tasks became tougher for her to perform—simple things such as turning on the stove or microwave to cook or warm food. 

Driving the same routes she’d taken for years, she would get lost and upset and call for help. Routine tasks like setting the alarm or remembering codes became increasingly difficult for her.

I jumped at assisting her when I could help. I was picking up groceries, running errands, assisting with paying bills and reminding her of birthdays. I loved helping her in her time of need, and eventually, I stopped and asked myself what’s next? How can I do more?
I knew that other adult children were providing the same kinds of help to their parents in need, many while raising children of their own. I saw firsthand that many people, young and old, need aid during recovery or managing a chronic condition.

I realized that the answer was ComForCare. As the owner of a compassion-focused organization, I could use the lessons I had learned to care for those that need it most and support their friends and family during trying times.

I think back to when I was a child standing at the top of the steps looking down and all the experiences I have had.

I have learned that life sometimes requires you to jump in and assist. To leap out of your comfort zone to provide services to those in need. To vault into training compassionate, honest, and flexible people to do the same. These are the things that still delight me as much as when I first sprung off my childhood porch all those years ago.

Corliss Williams, Owner/Operator

ComForCare (Richmond South, VA)

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (804) 454-0137 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (South Richmond, VA).

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