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We invite you to take a moment to read what clients and their families say, past and present, about our services. You will soon understand the ComForCare difference!

"Thank you for the donation you made to First Christian Church in our mother’s memory. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the caregivers that provided kindness to mom over this past year. Especially Ellen P. Her kindness to mom brought comfort to all of us. Thank you,"

The children of Carol B., September 2017

"Thank you for the excellent services you provided for my parents. Your patience is most appreciated. More and more we are understanding the dynamics of being children of older parents. Thank you again. Blessings!"

Bob B., July 2017

"ComForCare has cared for my wife for five years. Our present caregiver has been with us for four and a half of those years and we love her."

Buddy W., December 2016

"My mother had Alzheimer’s disease. ComForCare was her provider for 11 years. When I went to sleep at night, I had peace of mind knowing ComForCare was with her."

Patience E., March 2016

"I’m highly recommending Preston von Arx and her business ComForCare. Preston and her husband Peter began this business some time ago and we’re thankful they did. My wife, Jean, and I have been more than happy with the employees of ComForCare who have assisted us here at home. We also appreciate Erika B. who has been a long-time employee and has been very helpful. I would like to personally recommend Theo R., Christina B., Cleo J. and Michelle W. who have taken care of nearly all our daily needs from early morning until night. Very Sincerely Yours,"

Dr. Cecil R., August 2016

"ComForCare cared for my father several times as he transitioned from hospital to home. They continued to care for him through his final days. This was a difficult time for all of us, but without their help we would not have been able to be with him in his home.

More recently our mother fell and broke her hip. She was determined not to recover in the hospital, rather in her home. ComForCare was with her around the clock for an entire year. Once again the passion and care for her was incredible. We have a large family but the caregivers were very respectable of us as they cared for her. We all hoped our mom would recover and return to her normal life. This did not happen but without ComForCare her last year would not have been as peaceful as possible. Thank you ComForCare and God bless you all."

Kimberly G., 2019

Home Care Services in Greenville, North Carolina

Our agency provides in-home care assistance for individuals in Greenville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Please call 252-830-4020 to learn more about our services.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (252) 830-4020 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Greenville, NC).

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