Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

Our family taking care of your family

Owner Cindy Gray has a team of professionals that are like family to her, and many are actually related. Several members of her family have joined the ComForCare Orlando team over the years. Being a caregiver and helping others seems to run in the family!

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(left to right: Holly, Carole, Marilyn, Brittney, Traci, Cheryl, Cindy, Clem. Not pictured: Rex, Tori, Lane, CJ)

Cheryl Fox, Registered Nurse

ComForCare Greater Orlando is honored to have Cheryl Fox as Director of Clinical Services. She has resided in the central Florida area for her entire life and has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. As a registered nurse, her areas of clinical focus have been in lymphedema management, wound care, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hormone management, anti-aging medicine and erectile dysfunction. She has spent time in medical product sales and service, as well as consulting. In addition, Cheryl has an extensive background in providing comprehensive medically related training and product education. Some other areas of Cheryl’s expertise include case management, presentation skills, medical research and documentation, patient assessment and intervention.

Cheryl has unparalleled charisma and an ability to connect with people. She is very involved in client assessments, staff supervision and case management, with a 24/7 dedication to our clients. We are thrilled to have her here helping people live their best life possible.

Holly Finfgeld, Care Coordinator

Holly is the Care Coordinator and has been providing care to people in their homes for over two decades. She has an unparalleled sense for practicality, safety, and for bestowing an overall sense of well being to clients and caregivers alike. Holly was the original caregiver at CFC Greater Orlando, and it soon became evident that she had a lot more to offer to the organization. As Care Coordinator, she is now in charge of caregiver recruiting and caregiver coaching. Holly juggles other tasks, too; managing schedules with our clients, office administrative assistance, and "all other duties as assigned". Holly is our go-to for everything, she is a problem solver extraordinaire. Holly's nickname is "First Responder" – when you have a question or need feedback Holly is on it in minutes!

Carole McVay, Compliance Officer

 Carole is Cindy's aunt. She works two hours every afternoon, most Saturdays, and whenever else she is needed.  She is the Compliance Officer, a very complicated job keeping up with changes in the health care industry. She also manages the caregiver and client files. Another important role is as head of the Greeting Card Program, making certain everyone gets a greeting card for special occasions.

Marilyn White, Office Manager and CFO

Marilyn White is Cindy's mother. She is the office manager and basically the CFO. She makes sure everything functions as it should within the office; she manages long term care clients, and does anything she needs to help make CFC as successful as possible.

Brittney Brown, Resource Manager and Caregiver  

Brittney is a caregiver part of the week and the Resource Manager two days per week. She assures all caregivers receive quality and appropriate training, and are equipped with knowledge to care for their clients.

Traci Ott, Scheduler and Caregiver Manager 

Traci works hard to ensure the schedule and caregivers are well managed. She must keep up to date information on clients for each of the caregivers so they have the tools they need to do a great job. She also assures all clients are communicated with on a timely basis.

Clem Gray,  IT and "whatever it takes" 

Clem is Cindy's husband. He does whatever it takes to support Cindy and the ComFor Care Orlando business in every way possible. He does all of the IT work and assures the facilities are in the best condition at all times. He has even been known to help with clients in a pinch. He is a general can-do and go-to-guy!

Not pictured, but part of the team: Missing from the team photo but also involved are Cindy's and Clem's four kids, following in their parents' footsteps, becoming caregivers and working toward careers in service to others.

Rex Gray and Tori Gray are the twins.

Both both will do anything to help their Mom in the ComForCare Orlando business. Rex received his Home Health Aide certification (HHA) at the age of 15 years of age and scored at the top of his class. Rex and Tory are very hard workers and valued members of the team. 

Lane Gray, EMT/Firefighter 

Lane is going to nursing school in the fall, however he is currently providing anywhere from 36 to 60 hours of care per week for clients. Mom Cindy says that clients beg for Lane to care for them and offer to pay twice the price to get Lane to be their caregiver!

CJ Gray, Social Media  

Another of their sons, CJ is also a big contributor.  In his spare time, away from his full time career, he helps with social media and any other things he can do for the business.  

Our team deserves recognition for our location's credentials:

  • DementiaWise®-certified office
  • Participating location for the National Memory Screening Program of the Alzheimer’s Association of America
  • Proud contributor to the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Sponsor of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk for the Cure
  • Member of the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • HCAF Member, Home Care Association of Florida
  • Recipient of the “Best of 2019 Longwood” Award for Home Health Care Service

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (407) 406-5902 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Greater Orlando, FL).

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