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Personalized Dementia And Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

Get help for older adults and let them retain as much independence as possible with forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s home care services in Oakbrook, Illinois, from ComForCare. Our qualified and compassionate home care professionals are trained to care for seniors with memory issues. ComForCare also matches the personalities and traits of caregivers and patients to enable more compatibility and effectiveness. Do the best for your loved one and give yourself peace of mind by choosing home care services from ComForCare in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Understanding and Managing Dementia and Alzheimer’s to Enrich the Lives of Seniors

Memory issues like the forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s are severe diseases that significantly affect the quality of life of sufferers. Many think the only solution for adequate care is to place seniors with memory issues in a facility. Few are aware of other management and care solutions like Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services from ComForCare. Home care services designed for seniors with memory issues improve their quality of life with effective, compassionate assistance that preserves independence and dignity.

DementiaWise® is a specialized program that opens up the possibilities of Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services to more seniors in Oakbrook, Illinois. DementiaWise ® has a dual purpose of providing safe, adequate care for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s in their homes and educating families about the disease. It reflects our mission of caring for seniors and giving peace of mind to those who love them the most. The professional caregivers providing care to seniors with memory issues are trained in our proprietary DementiaWise® program to manage the disease and enrich their lives simultaneously by:

  • Decreasing Challenging Behaviors - Specialized techniques with proven effectiveness are used to keep seniors with memory issues calm, happy, and engaged. Dementia has many stages, with the worst being the most debilitating. The earlier stages can be managed best by keeping older adults' emotional states positive and stable. Our talented caregivers know how to maximize the happiness and engagement of seniors in ways that keep challenging (and potentially dangerous) behaviors to a minimum.


  • Stimulating Remaining Abilities - As all forms of  dementia and Alzheimer’s progress, tasks that once were simple to perform become difficult. Memory degradation can be slowed by stimulating seniors to engage in activities they wouldn’t normally do at a facility or on their own. With encouragement, support, and companionship, seniors will hold on to their remaining abilities longer. Families will also find the same motivation and confidence in seeing the results of DementiaWise® on their loved ones. Dementia and Alzheimer’s home care services from ComForCare are better than a facility for many seniors because of the stimulation and preservation of as much independence as possible.

ComForCare Matches The Right Caregiver To Seniors

ComForCare dementia and Alzheimer’s home care services in Oakbrook, Illinois, are personalized to individual seniors. No two cases are the same, and seniors and their families face unique challenges. 

We have a large pool of the most compassionate and qualified caregivers with unique strengths. The most effective way to navigate the individualized challenges of memory issues is by pairing the most suitable caregiver to seniors' individual emotional and physical needs. Doing so gives seniors the level of engagement required to mitigate their “bad days” and increase their “good days” as much as possible.

A one-on-one approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services best meet seniors’ needs. It also facilitates as much independence as possible. Companionship with a compatible caregiver has been demonstrated time and again to improve the quality of life of seniors, as you will see when partnering with ComForCare. Whatever your loved one’s strengths and weaknesses, we have a caregiver suited to mitigating their challenges while stimulating their retained abilities.

Around The Clock Home Care Services

ComForCare can provide tailored care for seniors. Caregivers can work around the clock providing dementia and Alzheimer’s home care services if it best suits you or your loved one, taking care of or assisting with any needs throughout the day. In addition to care specific to dementia and Alzheimer’s behaviors, some seniors may require help with cooking, cleaning, hygiene, or taking medication. Others may need transportation around town. You can count on your ComForCare caregiver to provide dedicated and indispensable service at any time.

ComForCare dementia and Alzheimer’s home care services in Oakbrook, Illinois, also partner with seniors’ families. We can tour the homes seniors currently or will soon live in and make recommendations to increase their safety and independence. Many factors can be evaluated, such as potential slip and fall hazards and re-designing the placement of objects to be more “friendly” for people with memory issues. We may recommend the installation of handles, railings, ramps, etc. Every recommendation will be based on improving the effectiveness of our DementiaWise® program and the quality of life of you or your loved one. 

Call For Dedicated Dementia And Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

ComForCare offers tailored solutions to the unique challenges seniors with memory issues face. Our dementia and Alzheimer’s home care services in Oakbrook bring the possibility of more independence for you or your loved one with an effective program for reducing the negative behaviors of the disease while helping to retain existing abilities longer. 

Professional in-home caregivers at ComForCare are vetted through a rigorous 10-step process and trained in our DementiaWise® program. We match caregivers with the right traits and strengths to the unique needs of you or your loved ones. Discover our effective solutions by calling ComForCare in Oakbrook, Illinois, today to discuss the many in-home care options available at (630) 536-8501.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (630) 536-8501 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Naperville-Downers-Grove, IL).

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