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Lincoln: Fisherman, Reader and Grandfather
Sharon: Chef, Dancer and Friend

“This is a tradition of care that goes back to our roots. It’s something we take pride in.”

Rooted in a Tradition of Family

“This is the one!” That’s what this husband and wife team walked away knowing after learning about ComForCare and choosing it to be their path forward. With Sharon’s experience in health care and Lincoln’s experience in administration and community relations, they are primed to hit the ground running.

Their values as a team are clear and straightforward: treating people right and maintaining the family unit is what they are all about. From the members on their team to the clients they serve, Lincoln and Sharon are grounded in their mission to treat everyone like family, and that includes extended family members as well. 

“We not only care for and respect the person we’re taking care of, but we take care of the family as a whole,” Lincoln said. “Keeping the family informed and treating them as a collective family is very important.” 

The Heart of the Matter

When Sharon was a little girl, her beloved grandmother was institutionalized because mental illness was so misunderstood at the time. When Sharon finally was able to visit her in the hospital, her grandmother just wasn’t the same. That moment stuck with Sharon and drove her passion to become a nurse. 

“If I can do something to make things better for someone … that is in honor of my grandmother,” Sharon said.

For Lincoln, home care is rooted in his family history. 

“Growing up, taking care of family is what we did,” he reflects. “I remember being 4 or 5 years old and caring for my grandparents in our home. It was our honor as a family. That’s why ComForCare really strikes a chord with me. I value family being able to stay in their home.” 

Even in adulthood, Lincoln and Sharon cared for Lincoln’s father as he lived out his final years with dementia in their home.

The Instinct to Know, Experience to Understand

Sharon knows what it takes to do things right in the health care arena because she’s worked in that space for over 25 years. And, when it comes to the caregivers on their ComForCare team, Sharon has an instinct for spotting someone with heart and dedication. 

“Through my years of teaching, I feel I have an instinct for knowing when someone is in it because they have heart and are called to this work.” 

“You can train but you have to have heart,” Lincoln adds. “We are looking for people with heart and passion to provide quality service to put a smile on our clients’ faces. In fact, Sharon has three sisters who are caregivers, and they will be on our team. So when we talk about family, we mean it all the way down to our staff,” Lincoln said. “This truly is a tradition of care that goes back to our roots. It’s something we take pride in.”

Academic Credentials & Memberships


  • DementiaWise® certified 


  • Master’s degree in business administration (Healthcare Management) from American Intercontinental University, Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois
  • Associate’s degree in nursing from San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California
  • Associate’s degree in psychiatric technician from San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California
  • University of California, Davis, California: Major in Sociology and Education
  • Solano Junior College, Fairfield, California: Major Sociology


  • Bachelor’s degrees in history and political science from University of California at Davis, Davis California

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