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Kim Eiring and Scott Collins

Kim: Lover of Nature, Champion for Families, Community Leader, 
“The process of caring for our loved ones can be overwhelming. I want to help make it easier.”

Scott: Outdoorsman, Live Music Aficionado, Father, Patches Pal
“Every home care situation is unique because every client is unique.”

The Heart of the Matter

Meet the Owners - Seattle Bellevue | ComForCare - b-homecare2Kim and Scott are excited to “elevate the home care experience” by enhancing the traditional model to incorporate a more holistic approach for every client. By focusing on the “whole person," they believe that their clients can thrive; to find meaning and value in their lives each day.  Home care is also near and dear to both of their hearts. Kim is entering the home care/caregiver phase with her parents, and Scott has recently gone through the process of caring for both his parents.

Before Scott’s parents passed away, they were living with significant health challenges and a complicated set of circumstances. Finding the right fit in home care wasn’t easy.

“We finally found a couple of caregivers who really got it and were able to integrate themselves into the family.  It made all the difference,” explains Scott. “It was a great relief to know my parents were receiving reliable, compassionate care.” 

Kim and Scott are dedicated to ongoing research on aging and related topics; they continue to integrate what they learn into their ComForCare business. They are often found attending seminars, talking with senior care professionals, and participating in senior community events. “We’re dedicated to really understanding the issues our clients are facing,” Kim explains. "We are committed to learning and improvement for ourselves and our staff." 

Whole-Hearted Care

Meet the Owners - Seattle Bellevue | ComForCare - house-care1One thing is for sure: no two home care situations are the same. Each client must be approached with thoughtful consideration for their unique set of circumstances. Kim and Scott understand this on a personal level.  This understanding is why they are dedicated to providing individualized care plans that focus on all aspects of a person’s life. They believe that by taking a “whole person” approach to care, they can help clients to live their best life each and every day.  

“At ComForCare Seattle-Bellevue, we pride ourselves on our ability to address our clients’ needs and adapt to their schedules when developing their care plan,” says Scott. “This includes matching them with the right caregiver, finding the necessary resources and maintaining clear, open communication with clients and families.”

“Approaching home care from a holistic point of view is a top priority for us,” explains Kim. “Keeping the world of possibilities open to our clients and addressing the body-mind-spirit connection is something we truly value. From mindfulness and meditation to music and pet therapy to exercise and movement, we’re interested in the whole person and how we can support them to live their best life possible.”

Caring Begins with Understanding

Meet the Owners - Seattle Bellevue | ComForCare - Is_it_time_header_0“I’ve always been happiest when I can help others,” says Scott. “Based on experience with my own parents, and the impact of excellent caregivers on their lives, home care seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a difference.  Every person and family we work with gives us the opportunity to give back the same sort of relief and peace of mind we had been given.”

Kim also has a truly empathetic view on home care. “When my Grandma turned 90 and started to decline, it wasn’t overwhelming to our family.  We are fortunate to be a large family, so helping take care of her home, making sure she was eating properly and taking her medications or just working on a puzzle was easy when we shared the responsibility.  Not every family is so fortunate and people can quickly become overwhelmed without help. I look forward to providing our clients and their families with the extra care they need and deserve. We can never replace family, but serving as a support and extension of what loved ones can offer allows us collectively to give the kind of care everyone deserves.  We’re all in this together.”

Kim’s parents are living independently but thoughts of what will happen next are at the top of mind. She can relate to what it feels like to be dealing with tough questions and wants to serve as a light for other families in her shoes. 

“This process can be intimidating, but I want to help make it easier. As I learn new things, I want to pass that knowledge on to our clients, families and caregivers. Above all, I treat everyone like they’re my own Mom or Dad. We consider our ComForCare clients our extended family.”

Office Credentials 

  • DementiaWise-certified

Kim’s Credentials 

  • Master’s Degree in Leadership from Seattle University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in  Accounting from Seattle University
  • Certified Public Accountant 

Scott’s Credentials 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Washington
  • Registered Investment Advisor

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (206) 347-3030 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Seattle Bellevue).

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