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ComForCare Home Care (Austin, TX) Testimonials

"Our caregiver is helpful, kind and always on time. The company always sends you an email with the schedule and when you will be billed. We are very happy we found ComForCare." - Tom G., June 2022

“We have only been at this for a little over a week, but so far it seems like a good deal. The ladies who come to help us all seem to really care for my wife and understand her condition. She seems happy to have someone who treats her very well and they always seem attentive to her needs and desires which makes me feel very good. BTW, I am the husband and was a little skeptical about letting strangers take over some of the duties that I have been performing. But now that we have met several different caregivers and they've all volunteered to make our lives better by doing various household chores, we feel much better about such an arrangement. In fact, I have learned several neat "hacks" about cooking meals and I know that my wife likes the fact that we don't have to rely on so many TV-style frozen dinners as before. An added plus is that I can get out of the house and go to Home Depot, Lowes, etc., and not worry about my wife being alone. It is much better than I originally thought it might be!” - Anonymous, June 2022  

“Karen is absolutely wonderful! We feel very fortunate to have her caring for our Dad. She has a good sense of humor and is consistently patient, kind and gentle with him – even when she has to respond to the same question multiple times. She arrives on time, as scheduled and with a high positive energy. She understands how to keep Dad engaged and is resourceful at finding activities that hold his interest. She is great at communicating with the family and Dad’s AM caregiver and knows what information each requires. Karen is exceptional and we are grateful to have her caring for our Dad!"

"Caregiver Alvita, who cared this past Wednesday. Her attitude, professionalism, courtesy, helpfulness, and expertise were all a pleasure to behold. Her attentiveness to my mom was wonderful. Also, I was trying to prepare for a family birthday party for my granddaughter (my housekeeper was sick and couldn’t come this week), and Alvita volunteered to help without being asked. She went above and beyond the call of duty and was of tremendous help in cleaning and mopping floors, etc., to get the house in shape. In short, this woman is a treasure! If there is any way to get her on a regular schedule with us, that would be great!" - Clive Dawson, February 2022

"Thank you for finding Karen for us…….we’re hoping you can find someone like her to cover weekends!” - Julie H., June 2020

"My dad seems to enjoy them. They are basically everything you'd want in home care." - James Peacock, December 2018 

"The lady that came the first time was really sweet and very informative. They paired us with someone that has been really great with my dad and helped him out a lot." - James Leaton Clark, November 2018

"They have been advocates for my wife's care. Most of the caregivers have been very diligent and compassionate. I feel comfortable with them taking care of my wife and being there with her." - Terri Moore November 2018

"All of the caregivers were dedicated people. They spoke to my loved one kindly and they took care of their physical needs." – Anonymous, July 2018

 "They make life easier because they come in and do anything I want them to do. They can go downstairs and get a cup of milk for my coffee. They do little things." – Elizabeth M., July 2018

 "They are every compatible with my loved one and do a great job cleaning my loved one's house." – Anonymous, July 2018

"We have some wonderful caregivers that take good care of my loved one and are very loving." – Anonymous, July 2018

"The people that they have sent out have been great because they are very attentive and conscientious." – Carol M., July 2018

"My loved one was very ill, so there were a couple of caregivers that did a fantastic job of keeping my loved one clean." – Anonymous, July 2018

"Our caregiver from ComForCare takes care of my mom like she takes care of her own." Marilyn H., July 2016

"I appreciate the personal interest the caregivers seem to have in my care. I feel that they are interested in my well being." Donna H., July 2016

"The caregiver shows compassion by being very involved in my dad's care and also by remembering his preferences, like what he enjoys talking about." Don W., July 2016

"Thanks for your help and support over the last few years. Dad was much happier because we had care in the home as long as possible. We were very happy with several of our caregivers, especially Chimene. You all in the office were a big support as well." P., November 2016

"My caregivers are a good match for me and my mother because I've gotten to know the caregivers, and I feel confident knowing that they keep my mother safe and secure. They are patient, kind and understanding with my mother. They have it all. My mother's caregiver interacts with my mother really well. She shows up to work promptly and is extremely reliable. As far as I'm concerned, when I leave my house I feel that it is really safe there and my mother is cared for greatly." Frankie B., March 2017

"My mother lived in Austin, and I live in Houston. I was dependent on the caregivers to answer questions for me on the telephone, and then do whatever we had decided to do. They were always very good about following those agreements." Evelyn H., March 2017

"ComForCare is a good way to make sure loved ones are cared for." Ken H., April 2017

"When my loved one was dying, ComForCare came in and helped me through it, I couldn't have done it without them. They took care of everything that needed to be done." Anonymous, April 2017

"I would tell someone that ComForCare is professional, and the staff is pretty well-trained. The pricing is also fair. There are a lot of ways that the caregivers show that they care. The caregivers sat with my mother before she passed while taking care of my father." John C., April 2017

"The caregivers stay busy and are always looking for things to do for mother. They are always right beside her when she walks to make sure that she doesn't fall." Donna H., April 2017

"ComForCare is a professional and timely agency. They are willing to help their clients in any capacity. The services from ComForCare give me peace of mind that my mother is being looked after. The caregiver shows she has a good work ethic by being timely and answering her phone. She is able to give me a report on my mother's care at the end of the day." Ann E., May 2017

"The caregiver from ComForCare is attentive and willing to go the extra mile for the client. The client can't do anything for themselves, and the caregiver is helpful. The caregiver's attitude is just great and positive. ComForCare provides a caregiver that allows me to take care of the things that need to be done. I couldn't make it without them. The office staff stays in touch with us. They let us know if a caregiver can't make it, and there is a replacement for the day." Charlotte S., May 2017

"ComForCare is a good agency because they're very client oriented, and everyone has shown up when they said that they would. The caregiver is attentive and spontaneous to help my mother as needed. The office staff is helpful because they're extremely responsive; someone always answers the phone. They have provided everything that I have asked of them. There isn't anything that ComForCare can do to improve my satisfaction with their services. I'm grateful for ComForCare's services." Marjorie B., May 2017

"I would tell someone that ComForCare is a good work place and they take pride in not only taking care of their clients, but also with taking care of their employees. I have not worked for any company that is like ComForCare, they are by far the best." Anonymous, November 2016

"I've never had a job that has shown me such appreciation like I have at ComForCare. It's nice to have that. It helps you continue to work and work. I'd give them a 20 out of 10 if I could!" Anonymous, November 2016

"I have told a few people that they should work for ComForCare because it's the greatest place I've ever worked." Anonymous, November 2016

"I liked that the training taught me about clients with Alzheimer's. They showed me what to do and how to react in case of an emergency." Anonymous, April 2017

"The management treats me like family so I feel comfortable speaking with them. They get to know me on a personal level." Anonymous, May 2017

Have an experience you’d like to share? Our team at ComForCare Home Care (Austin, TX) values all client feedback, and we’d love to know more about your story with our caregivers and home care services. We always strive to provide the best care possible, and we encourage you to let us know if we met your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (512) 402-9599 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Austin, TX).

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