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I have now been acquainted with the services of Northern Fairfax ComForCare for several years. John and Debbie Kipps, owners, continue to impress with their above-and-beyond care and personal dedication to each client as if they are family. I've had a few emergency situations where ComForCare Northern Fairfax has jumped in and helped out, no questions asked. I continue to recommend them highly!

-Sara R.

I have had the best experience with the Team at ComForCare Home Care of Northern Fairfax. John and Debbie Kipps are professionals who search for the right care for your family member. I tried on my own in the past to get homecare lined up. Wrong move. You need a team like John and Debbie to do the vetting and look at your situation FIRST before making the commitment. YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS!!!

-Robert I.

One never feels that outside assistance could possibly be better than the care you personally can give a loved one. The truth is, the caregiver needs the care as well. In November of 2019 we began the search for a company to provide assistance for us in our home. I located “ComForCare” through our local chamber (The Vienna Business Association). John Kipps along with his wife Debbie are the owners of this franchise and from the time John walked in the door and spoke with us regarding the “ComForCare” service we never looked further.

From that time on, we felt as though we were John and Debbie’s sole concern. Every single caregiver we were assigned was on top of making sure that all their attention was directed to the comfort of both Bill and me. John checked in regularly as did Debbie. Every week, like clockwork, Debbie clarified and ok’d schedules. When it became evident that we would need round the clock assistance both John and Debbie compassionately discussed how to make sure that our privacy was not compromised and were most reassuring that this new lifestyle would help us to feel more relaxed. They were absolutely correct.

Looking back, I can’t imagine how fortunate we were to have encountered such a lovely, caring couple, running such a helpful business during such difficult times. They truly exemplify the adage I use with my own company employees “be patient with those who need your strength and remember, even a mask cannot hide the smile in your eyes.”

-Carole W.

I'd like to share my review of ComForCare Home Care in McLean. My husband in a memory care facility, but needed additional care during the final stages of his dementia. I met John and Debbie Kipps, the owners of ComForCare (Northern Fairfax), when they would come to the facility to check on their client's loved ones personally and to make sure their employees had everything they needed to give the best care possible. So I got a sneak preview of how caring and professional they were. You could see how genuinely involved they were with the care of their residents. Their staff members become friends of the families and every family member I talked to could not say enough about the quality of the people John and Debbie had on their staff. People, like their employer, who really loved and respected the folks they are caring for. When the time came when my husband needed extra care I already knew it would be John and Debbie I would call. They were there for my husband and me through a very difficult time. I never called that I didn't reach John or Debbie on the first try, and whatever I needed, even if it was just reassurance, they never failed me or my husband. If you find yourself in the position of needing private care for a loved one, I hope you will call ComForCare in McLean and talk to John or Debbie and find, as I and many others have, that they are their staff are the best in the business. 

-Lynn D.

"ComForCare of Northern Fairfax has been serving my 90 year old mom for more than a year now. The are top notch! We have had private caregivers and used another agency in the past - but this one is excellent. First of all, Debbie has done a great job of matching my mom's needs to her caregiver. Secondly, John and Debbie are very responsive to our schedule changes and any issue, big or small. They call us back, they try their best to address our concerns immediately. Of course, remember that no caregiver and or agency will be perfect, it does take patience and grace on both sides. Debbie and John Kipps run a very good agency especially in this time of the pandemic when it is very hard to find responsible, caring caregivers. My mom's caregiver is very loving and has a great work ethic (super professional), she paints my mom's nails, does her hair, do a few art projects from time to time, they go for walks to the lake down the street and they laugh together every day. We know that not all caregivers will have this kind of relationship with my mom, but we are so grateful for this caregiver; it is much more than we expected.

Invoicing and billing are accurate and and timely when there is an issue to be discussed, John calls me. I am an accountant and I don't have to worry about the billing! What a relief! Trust has been built in this area. John delivers PPEs and gifts or appreciation for the caregiver and we appreciate that so much because we want our caregiver to be healthy and happy.

Thank you, Debbie and John! We thank God for our caregiver and our agency. "

-Dale M.

"ComForCare did an outstanding job of finding a caregiver for me during a stressful pandemic. Their employee had knowledge, personality, resourcefulness to do the duties she was assigned. ComForCare’s management made it simple, guiding me through the process with professionalism and empathy. I highly recommend them."

-Candie R.

"I had a fall in 2016 and needed home care. for the last 31/2 years worked with 6 different home care Companies all of which were all extremely hard to work with. Last year I started working with ComForCare in McLean VA. The owners John and Debbie are lovely, very professional and easy to work with with. The Aid who started last July was excellent. If you need Home care call them. You will not be disappointed."

-Marc M.

"This was the first time we needed a caregiver for my mother and we really hit the jackpot. The caregivers were patient , kind and engaging. My mother is a bit high maintenance and they managed to calm her when she'd get agitated. The owners,John and Debbie, are truly wonderful . A great experience all around. I highly recommend them."

-Miriam P.

"Absolutely recommend! Would give more stars if possible. Our family was distraught with the quick decline of my Aunt’s health to the point of being bedridden. We needed additional hands on assistance for her in a short amount of time, which the assisted living where she was resided was challenged to provide. Feeling pressure to initiate hospice, which we knew in itself was going to be a great distress to my Aunt, as she had all her faculties about her, I thought finding a companion for her (especially for the night time hours) would help alleviate her distress. I googled “companion care” and found ComforCare in McLean, VA. I called the number, but then quickly hung up, wondering if I was doing the right thing. Within 20 seconds my phone rang and it was Debbie Kipps from ComforCare. She had heard my call come thru and called me right back! I immediately began to feel a sense of immense relief just talking with her, told her of our concerns and distress with the situation with my Aunt and that we felt we needed extra help in alleviating her fears and distress. Debbie had her husband, John, call me back to discuss in more detail how we could work together. We would have liked to have ComforCare assist the assisted living with my Aunt’s daily care (changing soiled pants/eating/drinking and general care to keep her comfortable and unafraid), but the assisted living wouldn’t allow ComforCare to handle all that, so we agreed they’d provide a Companion, evening/night hours at first, to be a second set of eyes and a voice for my Aunt, while providing her company, so she wasn’t afraid with being bedridden. John and Debbie were quick to find a Companion that could begin immediately that evening (again being incredibly proactive to our distress!) and my Aunt LOVED that we had ALL made such an effort to assist her! Unfortunately my Aunt passed away quietly in her sleep the 2nd evening the ComforCare Companion was with her. It was the middle of the night, but the Companion person notified John Kipps who in turn promptly called me. I remember John was sincerely distressed as we spoke. I cannot express how truly kind and caring both Debbie and John were through our whole experience with them, although it was a mere 72 hours. Never did they make us feel we were over reacting, or show any impatience with us, or with my Aunt. They were not only extremely professional and organized with our particular situation, but genuinely kind, compassionate, and truly caring the whole time. Our Family cannot say enough good things about them and their services. For us Debbie and John, and their ComforCare Companions were an answer to our prayers, NO doubt. Thank you ComforCare (McLean)~"

-Melanie G.

"I had an immediate need for a caregiver for my mother. John and Debbie responded immediately and in less than 24 hours my mother was well cared for. I cannot say enough about this company. They took the time to listen to me and support me. They not only wanted to understand what my mother’s needs were but also who my mother was. The caregivers were kind, compassionate and patient and went above and beyond in caring for my mother. It was such a comfort to know that my mother was in great hands with people who truly cared for her."

-Brady N.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (703) 870-3711 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Fairfax, VA).

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