Dementia Care
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In-Home Dementia Care

Older man playing with blocksOur mission is to help families and individuals in the Tri-County Cincinnati, OH area, cope with the onset of Dementia and help manage its long-term effects. Every day our caregivers see the unique difficulties Dementia presents to families with loved ones enduring the problems the illness presents. Our caregivers are DementiaWise certified and have received specialized training to help keep your loved one engaged in life so that they can continue to create new and meaningful memories with their families. ComeForCare (Tri-County Cincinnati, OH) is also closely affiliated with the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and is proud to be partners in the fight to understand and control this painful disease.

We try to make individual connections with each of our clients on their journeys, learning about each other as we go. We are excited about supporting people to stay engaged in the activities they enjoy for as long as possible and providing comfort to their families during the not so good days.

Personalized Dementia Care Plans

Older woman listening to younger nurseSymptoms of Dementia are as diverse as the people it affects. No two persons will face the same thing, and care plans need to consider that.

At ComForCare (Tri-County Cincinnati, OH), we take a personalized approach to Dementia care to create unique care programs for your loved one. Our strategically crafted programs are structured to distinguish focus areas, set goals, and develop routines and mental exercise activities that advance a client's quality of life.

We partner with clients, their families, and their medical professionals to make the best decisions regarding continuous care. Our caregivers work on your schedule to render the personalized care your loved one needs.

Understanding Your Senior's Unique Challenges

We begin our Dementia care services by conducting an initial in-home evaluation to start devising a care plan. It entails working one-on-one with our clients to learn their distinct needs. During this step, we try to understand, among other things:

  • Patient's ability for thought processing
  • Level of disorientation
  • Ability to cope with stresses
  • Personal care needs
  • Social and spiritual needs
  • Daily routines (meals, bathing, grooming)
  • What safety concerns need to be addressed

Older person playing with memory blocksAfter our evaluation, we work with you and your loved one's other health care professionals to craft a comprehensive and personalized care plan. Our plans are flexible and, through knowledge gathered from closely observing the client's progression over time, can be updated to serve their needs as they unfold.

We acknowledge that falls can be hazardous for seniors. A bad fall can start a person down a path of non-recovery. We focus specifically on preventing falls by eliminating impediments in the home and identifying ways to accommodate your loved one with safer mobility during any care plan. 

We also talk with family members to understand their needs concerning care for their loved ones.  Our goal is to match the right caregiver with your loved one to provide them and your family the support you need.

Family Respite 

Young nurse helping older woman stand upOur Dementia care services are also available for short-term periods to allow families to recuperate and recharge. We know first hand how challenging caring for a loved one can be, and families must have a chance to step back without feeling like their loved ones are being neglected. When you need a break, you can feel comfortable knowing that ComForCare (Tri-County Cincinnati, OH) will lend a hand in your time of need.

We Work With Veteran's Affairs and Accept Medicaid

We know that the high cost associated with in-home care can be a barrier for families with seniors in need. For this reason, we work with Veteran's Affairs and provide Medicaid waivers so that Cincinnati residents have access to the vital care they need and deserve. 

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (513) 777-4860 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Tri-County Cincinnati, OH).

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