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Compassionate In-home Dementia Care in Charlotte, NC

A man holds his head while supported by his nurse.Caring for a person with Dementia can be a challenging and confusing experience. You have questions and need them answered by professionals with the expertise that can help. The specially trained Dementia caregivers at ComForCare (Charlotte, NC) are here to help you and your loved one navigate the uncertain road ahead.

We strive to make personal connections with our clients on their journeys, learning about each other as we go. We are committed to helping people stay engaged in the activities they enjoy for as long as possible. 

Dementia Care That Helps Charlotte Seniors Live Meaningful Lives

Old people play with building blocks.ComForCare (Charlotte, NC) is DementiaWise© certified, meaning our agency has met our corporate office's high standards for caregiver education and skills training in dementia care. We are experts in recognizing Dementia behavior triggers and implementing techniques that can reduce or prevent future episodes. Our caregivers are here to manage our client's needs and help families understand and cope with their loved ones' behavior changes. We help answer the questions you have and provide the support you need.

Our Dementia Caregivers Can Provide:

  • Grooming and hair care
  • Bathing and hygiene
  • Assistance in choosing clothing and dressing
  • Incontinence care
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Social interaction and companionship
  • Maximizing independence
  • Transportation and help running errands
  • Safety supervision
  • Memory Screening

Early Detection of Alzheimer's Can Help You and Your Family Craft a Plan

A nurse hands her patient a cup of tea.Early discovery of Alzheimer's or other diseases that cause Dementia is crucial in improving individuals' quality of life. If you believe you are at risk due to a family history of Alzheimer's disease or a related illness, contact us today for a memory screening assessment. While it will not be able to diagnose specific issues, it will help you understand if further evaluations may be needed.

Our Family Respite Services Help You Recharge While Still Providing Loving Care to Your Senior

At ComForCare (Charlotte, NC), we understand the stress being the primary caregiver for a senior can bring. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, and we are here to help. Our staff can provide short, medium, or long-term family respite, either 24 hours a day or at scheduled intervals. Let us work around your schedule so that you and your family can get me much needed rest.

Transitional Care For Seniors Living With Dementia

A nurse shows her client some shapes on a tablet.If your loved one is about to have a transition of care, such as being discharged from a hospital stay, there are essential safety precautions that need to be addressed. When you hire ComForCare (Charlotte, NC) for transitional care, our caregivers perform a complete inspection of your home, identifying any health and safety risks. They thoroughly review the discharge paperwork and your senior's care plan created by their medical professionals. If needed, they will communicate with doctors to fully understand any special needs your loved one may require. Our caregivers also provide safe transportation to and from medical facilities.

We Provide Hospice Care Services For You, Your Family, and Your Loved One Suffering From Dementia

When end-of-life care begins, it is a very emotional and stressful time for families. Anger, sadness, and the feeling of being overwhelmed are all common emotions during this phase in your loved one's life. At ComForCare (Charlotte, NC), we believe that your family should be focused on sharing memories and love during this time, not attending to medical needs. Our caregivers can provide respectful hospice care services that relieve some of the burdens and allow you to spend more quality moments with your family member. 

ComForCare Works Closely with the VA to Lower the Cost of Dementia Care for Charlotte, NC Veterans

We are proud to serve our community's veterans in their time of need. We understand that the cost of in-home care can be prohibitive for many families. We attempt to lower this cost by working with Veteran's Affairs to help offset the expense and get your loved one the care they desperately need. 

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (704) 543-0630 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Charlotte, NC).

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