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Providing a Friend to Mercer County, NJ Seniors in Need of Companionship

Young nurse sitting with older patientIt is not uncommon for seniors to begin to feel isolated and alone. Loneliness is very real for many of our community's elderly, and medical professionals have studied its harmful effects for years. Luckily, your senior does not have to be alone. Our caregivers provide a friend to talk to when they get lonely and a person to laugh with daily. We keep them active and in charge of their lives and get them out into the community again. Spending time outside of the home for a few hours is vital to give persons who are otherwise housebound a much-needed change of pace and have a chance to feel independent while running errands and shopping. At ComForCare (Mercer County, NJ) we are honored to have the opportunity to meet and care for our seniors in Princeton, Lawrenceville, Hamilton, and East Windsor, NJ.

Companionship Care is Much More Than Just a Wellness Check

Young woman smiling with older patientAt ComForCare (Mercer County, NJ), we encourage your senior to stay involved with all their interests. Playing games and doing puzzles helps exercise the brain and is fun as well. Listening to music and singing along has been shown to keep the memory sectors of the mind stimulated. Our caregivers are happy to provide transportation for visits with friends, to attend a concert or event, or any other functions that keep them engaged in their social circles. Our caregivers enjoy conversation, listening to stories, and reminiscing, too. They strive to build lasting friendships with our clients and their families.

Our Family Respite Services Help You Recharge While Still Providing Companionship Care For Your Senior

Young woman relaxing in chairAt ComForCare (Mercer County, NJ), we understand the stress being the primary caregiver for a senior can bring. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, and we are here to help. Our staff can provide short, medium, or long-term family respite, either 24 hours a day or at scheduled intervals. Let us be a caring friend to your senior so that you and your family can get me much-needed rest.

Transitional Care For Seniors With Companionship Care Needs

Younger nurse helping older man stand upIf your loved one is about to have a transition of care, such as being discharged from a hospital stay, there are essential safety precautions that need to be addressed. When you hire ComForCare (Mercer County, NJ) for transitional care, our caregivers perform a complete inspection of your home, identifying any health and safety risks. They thoroughly review the discharge paperwork and your senior's care plan created by their medical professionals. If needed, they will communicate with doctors to fully understand any special needs your loved one may require. Our caregivers also provide safe transportation to and from medical facilities.

ComForCare Works Closely with the VA to Lower the Cost of In-Home Companionship Care for Mercer County, NJ Veterans

Photo of older patient's handsWe are proud to serve our Princeton, Lawrenceville, Hamilton, and East Windsor, NJ's veterans in their time of need. We understand that the cost of in-home companionship care can be prohibitive for many families. We attempt to lower this cost by working with Veteran's Affairs to help offset the expense and get your loved one the care they desperately need. 

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (609) 771-0083 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Mercer County, NJ).

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