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Check out Scott Greenberg's weekly radio shows broadcast on 95.9 FM Mondays at 5:00 PM.

Episode 340 - September 30, 2019

Open enrollment is that time of year where if you’re not careful you can make a terrible mistake with your Medicare coverage decisions. There is tremendous confusion and misunderstanding about all the options that you face at this most important time. Desirae Mearns, the Program Director for SHINE, is tonight’s guest and she can help you navigate these open enrollment waters safely. A must listen to show if you’re enrolled in Medicare or an advantage plan

Episode 339 - September 23, 2019

Kate Kramer, Project Director of the Elder Rights Section of the Area Agency on Aging talks about elder fraud, abuse and exploitation. From old scams to new, Kate talks about how to protect yourself from becoming a victim and what to do if you have. A truly helpful show you shouldn’t miss.

Episode 338 - September 16, 2019

Dr. Suzanne Fuchs of LUXE Podiatry talks about all things feet. from plantar fasciitis to broken toes, from amniotic injections to holistic treatments. An incredibly informative look at taking care of the foundation of our stability.

Episode 337 - September 9, 2019

Dr. George Gurdock, Medical Director of Emergency Services of Good Samaritan Hospital talks about their new free standing ER and so much more. A great guest with great insight about improving your quality of life when confronted with an unexpected emergency.

Episode 336 - August 12, 2019

Attorney Steven Dunn explains Long Term Care Insurance benefits in ways you may never have though of before in this most informative show. How to access your policy and when, along with unique ways to pay for it plus so much more. THis show is a must for anyone with LTC insurance.

Episode 335 - August 5, 2019

Parkinson's diseae is a movement disorder. Occupational therapist Nicole Reynolds from Saylor Physical Therapy discusses the LSVT program uniquely designed to help restore normal movement to those living with the disease. If you know someone living with PD, this show is worth listening to.

Episode 334 - July 29, 2019

Great show about the wonderful work of the Palm Beach County Division of Consumer Affairs.  Rob Shelt and Jeff Eidelberg explain some of the many things they do to protect you and I which is much more than we ever knew.

Episode 333 - July 22, 2019

You likely don't know much about a trauma center until you need one, but when you do, there is none better than St. Mary's Level 1 Trauma Center here in Palm Beach.  Dr. Robert Borrego, Medical Director, talks about everything from mass casualty event preparation to fall prevention.

Episode 331 - July 8, 2019

Dr. Chadwick Hampton, Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon, talks about the latest technology in both partial and total knee replacement.  The Navio robotic device is revolutionizing knee replacement and the only place you can get it is with Dr. Hampton at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.  A fascinating show on the latest treatment option for those considering knee surgery.

Episode 331 - June 24, 2019

Rachel Blumberg, Executive Director of Abbey Delray South, talks about Masterpiece Living and how that concept helps her residents thrive.  As senior living changes, communities must adapt to stay relevant and effective and Rachel describes how she and her community are changing with the times.

Episode 330 - June 17, 2019

Dr. Tim Williams, Medical Director of the South Florida Proton Therapy Institute, describes how his new Cyclotron machine can help improve your cancer outcome.  As a leading radiation oncologist, he describes exactly how this new state-of-the-art technology will save lives and guarantee better outcomes for you or someone you know battling cancer.

Episode 329 - June 10, 2019

Jodi Glacer of Senior Care Authority talks about how to find the right community for you or your parents.  Independent or Assisted Living communities are opening on every corner so how do you decide which one is best for you?  Tune in and find out.

Episode 328 - June 3, 2019

Medical Marijuana, CBD, Cannabis, THC are all hot button words these days as the debate rages between its legality and effectiveness.  Dr. Rick Liogier-Weyback helps explain the differences and clear up the confusion.  Tune in for a very informative discussion.

Episode 327 - May 13, 2019

Dr. Karen Gilbert from Alzheimer's Community Care discusses their upcoming educational conference and some truly revolutionary new progess in identifying people with Alzheimer's disease.  A show you don't want to miss.

Episode 326 - May 6, 2019

Scott talks about Adverse Childhood Experience with Kerry Jamieson of The Center for Child Counseling.  A most powerful and moving show discussing the impact of adverse experiences on children, how they affect those children and why we should care.

Episode 325 - April 29, 2019

Knyvett Lee, CEO and Founder of MonarchCare, joins Scott to talk about Care Management, Guardianship and Daily Money Management.  Throughout her 30 years of experience, she presents a lot of useful information in an easy to understand and engaging fashion.  Enjoy!

Episode 324 - April 22, 2019

Cardiologist Dr. Khalid Shiekh talks about heart health unlike any cardiologist you've heard before.  Skip breakfast?  Well, maybe.  Listen in and hear about that as well as the differences in heart disease between men and women and how you can live to be 100.

Episode 323 - April 15, 2019

In Scott's first show back after his world cruise, he discusses his trip, the lessons learned and how this unbelievable journey will impact his work and the show moving forward.  Get ready for an incredible adventure!

Episode 322 - January 7, 2019

Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a noted urologist spearheading state of the art treatments for prostate cancer, is live in the studio with Scott.  This is a wonderfully informative show that can help you or someone you know navigate prostate cancer with minimal side effects and even more importantantly, minimal hospital stays.

Episode 321 - December 17, 2018

Boomerang retirees.  A group of people who moved 10, 15, 20 years ago and have decided to relocate back to their original home location.  Often times, it's not that easy.  Scott has a fascinating discussion with attorney Darren Mills who informs us of all the things one needs to consider if making this move.

Episode 320 - December 10, 2018

Mitchell Kitroser of Kitroser Law Associates discusses exploitation, pooled trusts, special needs trusts, along with explaining what happens when your son or daughter reaches maturity.  A knowledgeable resource sharing important information that you need to know.

Episode 319 - November 12, 2018

Dr. Suzanne Fuchs of LuxePodiatry joins Scott to talk about your aching feet.  So much valuable information and useful hints to help you take care of those feet and ankles.

Episode 318 - November 5, 2018

Dr. Tom Minas, Director of Cartilage Repair from the Paley Institute, talks about his revolutionary treatment of cartilage damage and customized knee replacement technology.  After 30 years at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Minas brings state of the art medicine to our area.  A show you shouldn't miss.

Episode 317 - October 29, 2018

Hearing loss can impact our lives in so many ways.  Dr. Michael MacKinnon, Audiologist, and Beth Wagmeister, Director of Deaf Services from Goodwill Industries talk about hearing loss, symptoms, treatment and an exciting free program from Goodwill.

Episode 316 - October 22, 2018

A very special show as Congressional District 18 candidate Lauren Baer, who is in a most competitive and important congressional race challenging Brian Mast, shares where she stands on critically important issues facing boomers and their aging parents.  Joining Lauren in the studio is Tina Polsky, the State Representative-elect in District 81 which includes West Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach out to Pahokee and Belle Glade.


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Oh My God, I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom
By Scott Greenberg, Senior Advocate and Radio Show Host

We often think that retirement is meant to look like midnight rides on a sailboat with a glass of wine... All too often, Scott has learned, reality gets in the way. Bottom line: getting older can be tougher than we thought.

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