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Top: Tino Negri, Scott Greenberg and Joe Morante | Bottom: Allison Greenberg-Negri, Irene Greenberg and Melissa Greenberg-Morante

Family Owned and Operated, Fun Seekers, Community Advocates 

"There is no higher calling than to be of service to others." -Scott Greenberg

Scott’s Story: Everybody Is Important

Our mission is fairly simple: Everybody is important, treat others how you want to be treated and do the right thing. When you do the right thing, you can improve the quality of life for someone and that is a remarkable opportunity.

Scott's Credentials

  • National Guardianship Association, Treasurer
  • Florida State Guardianship Association, Past President, Board Member and Treasurer
  • Advisory Council Member, Area Agency on Aging
  • Radio Host and Author of "OMG, I’m Getting Older and So is My Mom"
  • Featured Author at Book Expo America
  • Certified Alzheimer's Educator
  • DementiaWise™ Trainer

Tino’s Story: Find the Love in Everything

My job is to be the guy with the megaphone telling everyone what we do. I spend a lot of time in the community talking to people. I volunteer approximately 40 times each month for the Joyful Memories® program, which embraces the therapeutic benefits of music for those living with Alzheimer's or dementia-related diseases. I had one program participant who came up to me, and said, "I don’t remember your name because I have a slight memory problem, but I know you’re here to make me happy. Am I right?" That is powerful. That is love.

Tino's Credentials 

  • Certified Alzheimer's Educator
  • DementiaWise™ Trainer
  • Dementia Care Program Advisory Council
  • Volunteers at senior communities with cognitive stimulation activities
  • Knights of Columbus

Allison’s Story: We Want to Build a Relationship

We are passionate about being involved in the community, whether or not it benefits us as an agency. Our goal is to provide the best resources possible for anyone who is looking for them. I remember one instance when an attendee approached me after of one of our DementiaWise® workshops. The person was overwhelmed and stressed. They couldn’t figure out why their spouse refused to eat their dinner. I suggested giving the spouse breakfast for dinner. Not long after, I heard from the attendee. They told me I had changed their life — I had solved their problem. Something so simple changed this couple’s life for the better. That’s special.

Allison's Credentials 

  • Palm Beach Guardianship Association, Treasurer
  • Certified Alzheimer's Educator
  • DementiaWise™ Trainer
  • Recognized by AFJCS as a Person who Makes a Difference
  • Recipient of AFJCS New Leader Award
  • Wellington Cares Board of Directors

Melissa’s Story: We Know Our Strengths

One thing that sets us apart is our ability to know what we’re good at and know what we’re not good at. This is a family-owned business, but I don’t mean just the owners. We are all a family. We consider our caregivers and our office staff our extended family. We operate with that mentality, and it goes into everything we do.

And our amazing ability to have fun and laugh at whatever we’re doing — this never fails!

Melissa’s Credentials 

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • American Parkinson Disease Association, Board Member
  • Parkinson's Disease Care Expert
  • Support Group Facilitator
  • Powerful Tools for Caregiving, Certified Group Facilitator
  • Matter of Balance, Certified Group Facilitator
  • Public Relations Society of America, Board Member and Programming Chair
  • Public Relations Society of America, President-Elect

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