In-Home Bathing & Toileting Services
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Bathing & Toileting In-Home Caregiver Services

Serving the East Bay Area: Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, Tracy, CA

Staying clean and practicing proper personal hygiene are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. However, as we get older, bathing, showering, and using the toilet can become increasingly difficult due to decreased mobility or health issues. At ComForCare Home Care Tri-Valley, our caring team provides individualized bathing and toileting assistance so seniors can maintain dignity and comfort within their own homes.

Why Bathing & Toileting Help At Home Is Important

Difficulty bathing and using the toilet puts seniors at risk for falls, infections, rashes, loss of independence, and embarrassment. Our caregivers provide gentle assistance with:

  • Safe transfers in/out of tub/shower 
  • Adjustable shower chairs and grab bars 
  • Sponge baths in bed if needed 
  • Hair washing and conditioning 
  • Shaving and oral care 
  • Lotion application after bathing 
  • Incontinence care and hygiene 
  • Clothing changes after bathing/toileting 
  • Transportation to the bathroom 

This helps avoid accidents while preserving seniors' ability to follow their normal personal hygiene routines with dignity.

Customized Care For Each Senior's Comfort Level

We recognize that bathing and toileting needs are highly personal. Our Tri-Valley caregivers take the utmost care to provide assistance respectfully and discreetly. We customize our approach based on each senior's unique preferences, sensitivities, disabilities, and cultural beliefs about personal care. Preserving comfort and dignity is our top priority.

Dependable Assistance When Needed

Seniors may need bathing and toileting help on a fixed schedule or sporadically throughout the day. We are available on demand to provide timely assistance going to the bathroom, changing soiled clothing, and keeping skin clean/dry. Our staff also helps seniors follow best practices like drinking adequate fluids, eating fiber, and doing pelvic floor exercises to maximize healthy bathroom habits.

How do you assist seniors with limited mobility?

Our caregivers are trained in safe transfer techniques and bathing equipment for those with mobility impairments. We use gait belts, Hoyer lifts, shower chairs, handheld shower heads, and other assistive devices tailored to each senior's needs and abilities. Safety is paramount - we focus on proper body mechanics to prevent strains and slips.

What supplies or equipment should be in place at home?

Grab bars properly installed in the shower and near toilets greatly assist seniors with balance issues. Shower chairs, extended shower wands, and non-slip mats also help maximize safe accessibility. For incontinence, we recommend adult undergarments, moisture wicking bed pads, and waterproof mattress covers. Let us know if you need help obtaining any recommended supplies.

Whether your loved one needs a little help or full assistance with bathing and toileting, our Tri-Valley home care team is here to help! Give us a call at (925) 243-7373 to discuss bathing and toileting assistance for your East Bay Area senior loved one. Our caregivers support safe, dignified personal hygiene.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (925) 243-7373 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Tri-Valley, CA).

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