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At ComForCare Northwest Valley, we know in order to provide the best care services possible to clients, we must hire quality individuals to be a part of our team. Each one of our professional caregivers is experienced and highly trained in-home care best practices. We provide continuous education to ensure the most up-to-date care techniques are used when caring for our clients.

In order to develop strong, trusting relationships between clients and caregivers, we carefully match clients with caregivers whose interests, life experiences and personalities complement their own. Before we ever select caregivers, we meet with clients and take note of their personality and speak with them about their life history to help us select the most compatible caregiver.

We are happy to call each of these individuals members of our Northwest Valley team:

Glenda has been with ComForCare for 2 ½ years. Her compassion is unmatched. She develops strong bonds with clients and their families while maintaining professionalism and the boundaries of a good working relationship. Glenda is reliable and committed. She enjoys being involved in her church, helping in the community and working on her ministry.

Marie "Marci" came to ComForCare almost two years ago. Marci has received many compliments from our clients and their families. Her end-of-life care and knowledge are extraordinary, along with her wonderful compassion when helping clients and families through such a challenging time. Marci’s commitment is evidenced by 20 years as a certified nursing assistant/caregiver.

Marla joined ComForCare almost four years ago. During her employment, she has cared for many clients with a wide range of needs. Marla has a unique ability to help someone see the positive side of life. Marla is currently working in one of our independent living communities and loves the many different clients she gets to care for all in one day. She is also a mom and loves to rescue animals, especially cats!

Priscilla is new to the ComForCare team, but she has clearly shown her dedication and empathy during her short tenure. Priscilla is adaptable to her clients’ and families’ needs and is a committed and reliable member of the team who is always willing to pitch in when needed. Priscilla loves her family and enjoys the time she can spend with her children.

Rachel, in her short time with ComForCare, has made us feel like she has been with us forever. Rachel hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. She is always willing to work hard, pick up extra shifts or cover her co-workers when they are sick. Clients routinely request her specifically. Rachel has two children who are actively involved in sports, but she finds time to work hard as a care aide and mom.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (623) 934-2722 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Sun City West, AZ).

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