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ComForCare-Tempe AZ is dedicated to providing home care services and compassionate caregivers to help older adults live independently in their own homes and continue to do all the things they love. We do not just assign caregivers to a job. We match our caregivers based on the needs, interests, and personalities of our clients. Below we have included only a handful of the great things our customers have to say.

"Our regular caregiver had a circumstance where she had to leave and ComForCare took care of it and found another caregiver to take over the remaining shift.  Your caregiver remained professional and did not worry my grandmother with the reason she had to leave or make her feel like she did something wrong and instead made her feel good and important by having a "shift change" with another replacement caregiver who was just as wonderful.  I am so grateful I could cry tears of happiness and joy.  In the past 4 years, we have seen many, many people walk through our doors and most have just been warm bodies.  I would be lucky to have someone speak to my grandmother during the day, let alone make sure she ate more than what I helped feed her for breakfast before I went to work.  I would leave notes with things to do and what to have my grandmother do during the day and nothing would happen.  Now, with your agency, I come home to an excited caregiver who can't wait to tell me how great of a day they had together and what they've done together before I even have a chance to read the several pages of notes they've left me in our communication notebook.


I have been so impressed with the caregivers who have been in our home these past few days and wanted to tell you that it is a complete 180-degree difference from what my grandmother and I have experienced with other agencies in the past 4 years or so.  I appreciate having educated, competent, responsible, trustworthy, caring, and patient caregivers spending time with my grandmother while I am away.  These are all things that I have longed for in a caregiver for the past 4 years.  For years I have been overwhelmed, irritated, and frustrated, thinking I had such unrealistic expectations to find an individual who would show up and look after my loved one."
- Alexis S.


"Thank you for taking such good care of our Mom.  She enjoys your company so much and you."
- The W. Family


"Thank you and all your staff for everything you did for Deon these last few months.  She enjoyed each of you and thank you for your help."
- J.W.


"Thank you and your crew for the outstanding care you provided Helen M. during a most trying time.  Your ladies showed great compassion and understanding toward Helen and it made this move she required so much easier.  Thanks again and should you ever need a reference, please call."
- Ray H. (trustee)


"ComForcare has been great for us from the start.  When our aunt broke her pelvic bone from her fall, it was a shock to us and it was a huge change to her continuing loss of independence.  We were lost after a horrible experience in a Chandler hospital where they didn't even catch her break.  After 2 more facilities, we truly knew the best place for her was her own home, where she could heal and improve her abilities.  We got in touch with Mark at ComForcare where he did a great job helping us understand the next step and what the company could provide for our aunt.  Our aunt now has 24-hour care and ComForcare's staff of CNAs and home care providers can help us with the majority of that care.  It's been a great experience and our aunt is beginning to get her life back.
- Jeff and Karen


"ComForcare Senior Services has helped our family 'long distance'.  My 94-year-old aunt lives in Arizona, while her sister (who is 81) and nieces live in Minnesota.  ComForcare's services were suggested to us when it was realized that meeting her daily needs was becoming difficult.  ComForcare has helped her maintain her independence in her apartment while giving us the peace of mind that daily needs are being taken care of.  Phone conversations with caregivers help keep us up to speed on daily issues that arise and contact from the home office has helped us to solve numerous little problems.  With being 1800 miles apart we feel that ComForcare has become an extended part of our family.  Thank you ComForcare!"
- Kathy F.


"Thank you very much for following up last night with caregiver services for me.  Please extend my appreciation to Kearsten, even though it was late, she came to our home to assist.I will take this opportunity to say a few words on Karsten's behalf; Sue and I enjoy having her in our home.  Second, she takes her work seriously...for her, it is more than a job, it is a profession. We have considerable experience with caregivers.  Sue and I have hired caregivers for me in several states since October 2004.  The services you and your team provide are very professional."
Bob V.


"There are many things we appreciate about everyone, the professionalism, the sincere care Bob gets as well as consideration for me. Also, the correct billing, the notification if there is a change in time or caregivers is appreciated."- Sue V."Great care. Thank you for covering extra shifts."
- Karyn C.


"ComForcare is the best!  I could not have asked for a better organization to handle the needs and care for my mom."
- Pete D.


"The caregiver and the client are friends and the client looks forward to the caregiver coming. They always eat lunch together and chat together. They always answer my questions and call me right back."



The caregiver the client has right now is very thorough. She does a very thorough job and she is always looking for things that she can do to better things around his house. She will fill up his water glass before she leaves and she does little things like that that are nice touches. They talk quite a bit so she is good at communicating with the client. I like the quality of workers and the way they follow through. They're always checking in to see how things are going.


I would recommend ComForCare because they are reliable. The caregivers help take care of my loved one's cat. It helps keep everyone happy.

ComForCare has wonderful caregivers and I would recommend them. Having ComForCare allows my mother to get the personal hygiene help that she needs.

ComForCare has been a really good home care provider for my mother. My mother can do things that she enjoys doing that she wouldn't be able to do without her caregivers.

ComForCare has given me a caregiver who does a good job and is watchful of the things I have told her to do for me. ComForCare has given me a caregiver that takes care of my home since I don't have the energy or stamina to sweep the floors.

It has had a good impact on my life. I can't have done what I used to do at all. They have come in and helped in so many ways. I've already recommended them to a lot of my friends.
- Pauline

We have not had any problems, and we like our caregiver. They have been super easy to work with.

They are responsive and the caregivers themselves are very personable. They're friends more than caregivers in her mind. She has a relationship with them which is good.
- Wendy

They are dependable and always provide someone. I couldn't do without them. They enable me to live alone in my house, enjoy my home, and also to get out and see other people and socialize.

My caregiver shows up every day and we have a good time. She is here when she says she will be and is the best!

I like them. They provide what you ask of them. They've picked a great caregiver and

my husband loves them. His life has yet to be interrupted. The caregiver takes over when I'm not here. He hasn't reacted negatively, so the care is the same that I would give.
- Eva

I like the cheerfulness of the caregivers, as well as their willingness. I can depend on them to help me with my shower, as well as keep my clothes washed and my meals made.

They are very competent and dedicated. We have been satisfied with all of the caregivers. When the caregiver is here, I don't have to worry about my parents. I know things will be monitored and taken care of if needed. -Julie 

The caregiver who takes care of my loved one now is very punctual and is here every day. I don't worry about her not coming. If I need to go somewhere, I'm able to go out. My loved one seems very happy with the caregiver.
- Elizabeth

I have had excellent care from my caregiver. The services from ComForCare are very important.


Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (602) 438-1300 to learn more about the transition care services offered through ComForCare Home Care (Mesa, AZ).

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